Psychic prediction

Ok, this isn’t really psychic, but I thought that was an apt name for the article.


A hypothetical rock starts rolling down a hypothetical mountainside, slowly at first, then gathering speed it rolls through some mud which completely cakes the rock in an inch thick layer … and on this strange hypothetical mountain, it then encounters a patch of small broken sticks, then rolls across ice which freezes the mud and traps the sticks in it, then it rolls across gravel that gets stuck between all the sticks;

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Ego – it’s not a dirty word

SkyHooks' Red Symons in engyptian consume, from the song "ego"

At the outset I want to say that I am misinterpreted, misrepresented, and misunderstood by some people on an almost constant basis … they’re convinced they couldn’t possibly have interpreted anything even slightly incorrectly, convinced there’s nothing I could possibly say that would be valid or add any significant change to their interpretation of events, and convinced that the values and methods by which they’ve interpreted the situation are unassailable. Continue reading “Ego – it’s not a dirty word”

The “self-made” millionaire / billionaire delusion of capitalism

Capitalism generates a lot of self righteous and delusional beliefs, one of the worst of which is the “self-made” delusion.

In fairness … no one on the planet is, ever was, nor ever will be a “self made” anything … it is the privilege of our lives which presents this delusion. The reality is this:

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Competition Fallacy: Capitalism vs. Relativity

The Fallacy:

There’s a fallacy presented to the world which states that all species must compete for scarce resources. This is taken to be true because it is assumed that all should – in the interests of fulfilment, self preservation, and survival – fight for the greatest share of all resources … but is this actually true?

The prevailing “wisdom” would say yes without hesitation, and this is what I wish to challenge.

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