Psychic prediction

Ok, this isn’t really psychic, but I thought that was an apt name for the article.


A hypothetical rock starts rolling down a hypothetical mountainside, slowly at first, then gathering speed it rolls through some mud which completely cakes the rock in an inch thick layer … and on this strange hypothetical mountain, it then encounters a patch of small broken sticks, then rolls across ice which freezes the mud and traps the sticks in it, then it rolls across gravel that gets stuck between all the sticks;

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Superbugs and flesh eating bacterium

I was reading an article the other day about a woman who died as a consequence of flesh eating bacterium, and it made me think a few things which prompted this article.

Firstly, I will guarantee you that the world will continue to take the wrong approach to this unless they think in the way I’m about to suggest — hence the motivation to educate them before they make matters worse as they’ve been continuing to do so far … secondly I’ll bet a lot of people will deny what I’m about to say, and then it will later be proven correct.

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Blame shifting, brinkmanship, cowardice, ignorance, illiteracy, and laziness … versus “the sky is falling” – how do you find truth in a post truth world?

What exactly is it we are referring to when we use the word “sky”?

If we think about it carefully:

the sky is an emergent object which only strictly speaking “exists” when you have an unobstructed view upwards towards a purely natural atmospheric and/or astronomical background.

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Flawed assumptions of capitalism

In order for capitalism to “work” ( ie – not fail ) in any regard, its starting assumptions must most likely be either true, or not too far off the truth; they certainly can’t be utterly false and contradictory to reality, in some manner likely to cause total failure.

Now one of the defences not often spoken – but which must logically be implied by any defence of capitalism from a civil liberties, human rights, and individual freedom of expression perspective – is that:

  • IF your offerings to the world have value;
  • THEN you should be able to support yourself providing such;
  • ELSE IF you are unable to support yourself;
  • THEN clearly your offerings have no significant value.

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Flaws of Capitalism: redundant professions

As I walked home from the cafe where I sometimes go to do writing, I saw a tradesman’s car signage, and which stimulated the thought for this article.

How many houses exist in all the cities of the world? Many millions right? Of those houses in the wealthier cities, how many of them have roof guttering that collects leaves and other things that need to be cleared out so that the guttering doesn’t overflow into the ceiling or wall cavities, and doesn’t rust through? Of those houses, how many are owned &/or occupied by people unable ( or unwilling ) to get up and clear them from time to time? Well … enough to keep some roof guttering guys in work anyway. Continue reading “Flaws of Capitalism: redundant professions”