Poverty is a full-time job

I’m disappointed in my fellow humans that after everything we’ve seen over the past few decades — and all the history that came before — that what I’m writing about here still needs to be explained to some people … I cannot fathom how anyone could actually genuinely be stupid enough not to get it, without actually suffering from some kind of serious brain damage, birth defect of mental retardation — or perhaps brainwashing … and that’s it, isn’t it … people are indeed brainwashed.

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The truth about homelessness

As someone who has experienced some degree of homelessness, this is a topic close to my heart … particularly because I know there are way worse cases than my own, and if my own has hurt and damaged me as much as it has, then I can’t imagine how painful it is for those who do it even tougher.

In the course of my life, I’ve probably lived in about 80 places (?), which includes:

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