The Incongruence of Government Departments

I was just watching a bit of a show on the ABC ( Australia ), in which they were talking about the recent fish kill in the Murray-Darling river system, and in which they were interviewing a guy from the environmental office of The Department of Primary Industries NSW ( ).

Now, think about that for a minute: here’s a guy whose role is supposed to be ecological concerns, but he works in a department which has an economically based prime directive. If that doesn’t scream incongruence to you, then you understand neither economics nor ecology.

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Eradicating Political Footballs

[Republished – 1st edit – from original article April 2015]

As part of a transition strategy from the status quo (ie – the property/trade/currency-based capitalist economic paradigm), to a future system that is wholly (yet anarchically) “governed” by the principles of Open Empire, and by the informed choices of well educated free people … we need a strategy to deal with preventing our existing political system (so long as it exists) from corruptly and disingenuously manipulating every issue, as a political football for their own personal gain – instead of just fixing real problems for the common good. Continue reading “Eradicating Political Footballs”