do you want to see this manifested?


  1. Set up trading accounts and organisational entities for the Open Empire Foundation’s organisational structure and business units;
  2. Build and test a prototype of the Project Collaboration Development & Resource Allocation Framework;
  3. Plan and run test projects as per point 2 above;
  4. Develop / test modified Blockchain, and connect to the profit sharing mechanisms of the Ethical Investment Hedge Fund;
  5. Find a stable / suitable place to live while I work, and get into regular musculoskeletal rehab therapy for my spinal damage;
  6. Develop other associated early stage infrastructure and systems of the framework;
  7. Purchase any necessary equipment, software, services, etc.
  8. Open the framework for public use.

total approximate fundraising goals:

  • Immediate needs: whatever I can get
  • Short Term ( < 36 months ): $AU 2M – 5M
  • Medium Term ( 5 – 10 years ): $AU 20M+
  • Long Term ( ongoing ): opportunities for investment within the status quo financial system – via the hedge fund – will last as long as they last, and change in nature accordingly over time

investment terms:

  • Return by algorithm NOT ownership
  • 100% at risk investment at this stage

bottom line:

If you want something in return for your assistance, see the rewards I’ve put on the Patreon page, or write me with a suggestion of your own.

the question to ask yourself is, whether investment in the vision – or consequences of inaction – are worth the risk either way

more information:

If you would like to know more, go to the Blog Roll page, and select the Information > Invest sub-category from the menu on the RHS.