Ecologically and Socially
Friendly and Sustainable
Anarchic Civilisation
  • An Obsession – dating back to questions I began asking in the 1980s about [wiki base=”EN-OEF”]sustainability[/wiki] and social justice.
  • A Framework – for project collaboration, development & [wiki base=”EN-OEF”]resource[/wiki] allocation, including profit sharing.
  • A Structure – an organisation designed to defend, evolve, & pursue the principles it represents.
  • A Set of Principles – regarding the quantification of Ecological & Social Justice & Sustainability.
  • Transitional – buffering, interfacing, and translating between itself and the status quo ( [wiki base=”EN-OEF”]capitalism[/wiki] ).
  • Science Based – utilising the principles of Ecological Systems Modelling & Thermodynamics.
  • Non Species Biased – all species needs are balanced, respected, and valued on a level playing field.
  • Scarcity Reducing changing the motivational basis of all resource extraction, processing, & utilisation.
  • Open Source – to ( eventually ) allow anyone interested, to learn & contribute to its evolution.
  • Decentralised – based on distributed systems technology, such as Git, DHT, IoT, Torrent, and Blockchain.
  • Anarchic – autonomous & collective action motivated by enlightened self-interest, and personal responsibility.
  • Anti-Capitalist – we work to better ourselves & our world, not to dominate & exploit ecosystems & species.
  • New foundations for civilisation.

diagram ( above ):

The diagram above shows the status quo ( LHS ) of exploitation and extraction, versus the alternative ( RHS ) of modifying the motivational basis for human activity.

The bank icon ( top centre ) represents the Open Empire Foundation Ethical Investment Hedge Fund, which will be set up to act as buffer, interface, and bi-directional translation between the external status quo ( authoritarian capitalism ), and the new internal fledgling non-property/trade/currency-based ( anarchic alternative ) socio-economic paradigm.

The Project Collaboration Development & Resource Allocation Framework is resourced by the Fund, for the benefit of all projects undertaken within the framework, and for the benefit of the beneficiaries of the Open Empire Trust, which are defined to be:

” … the living & non-living elements,
& ecosystems of planet Earth … “

The consequence of which, is that while on the one hand: staff, the poor, other species, and the environment are exploited by capitalism with disregard to their interests; on the other hand:

  • if a person works on a project in the framework;
  • if a species is inconvenienced or exploited by a project;
  • if a natural resource is extracted for a project;

– all these things are weighted as investments by the fund alongside anyone investing currency, infrastructure, other property, or capital equipment from the external economy.

So the ecosystems that suffer loss or hardship – for a project to go forward – have their sacrifices ( aka “investment” ) weighted by total thermodynamic loss – as is also true for any human ecosystem ( aka community ) – thus: all project staff are motivated to minimise deleterious & maximise beneficial ecological & social consequences for every task performed.