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isn’t this just being idealistic? is this some kind of utopian pipe-dream? isn’t it “human nature” to be greedy & selfish?

I’m assuming here that if you have any of the above questions in mind ( or similar ), you’ll probably relate to all of them to some degree … so I’ll answer them together.

  • Firstly: I’m not suggesting this will instantaneously cure the world of all problems, nor that it necessarily ever would … merely that a great many problems can be traced back to the same foundational causes, and thus they’re utterly unnecessary problems that we shouldn’t even be facing;
  • Secondly: if you criticise something by saying “oh yes but that’s being idealistic”, then you’re basically arguing that we should shoot for second best, or worse … think about that … the word idealistic comes from the root “ideal” meaning best … so that’s not a clever position for you to take ( you have to admit );
  • Thirdly: no it is not human nature to be a narcissist, if that were true then all non-narcissists would be some other species … yes it is common, but more correctly you could say it is merely one of many possible responses of human nature to a general gamut of environmental conditions a sentient being might be exposed to over time.

in other words:

the circumstances of civilisation, generates and nurtures narcissism and sociopathy, in some ( but not all ) people, depending on their inherited and experienced circumstances – change the system, and you change the response

aren’t there too many vested interests to let this happen?

  • Well, if you’re already going to bend over for them, you’ve decided your own fate … but I’m sure many people will agree with me this is something worth fighting for.
  • Also: what are the consequences of failing to even try? They’re AT LEAST as bad as the consequences of trying but failing.

you can’t change the system overnight!

  • I know, I’m not trying to.
  • Open Empire is designed to be self evolving, with built in strategies & systems for dynamically responsive, gradual ( but accelerating ) transition from the status quo.