The Open Empire Foundation is dedicated to a set of core principles relating to the quantification of Ecological & Social Justice & Sustainability by means of the sciences of Ecological Systems Modelling & Thermodynamics.

Justice and Sustainability can only truly be understood in objective terms via science, and only quantified with respect to system state changes.

In the diagram below energy is measured in Joules, emergy ( aka “embodied energy” ) is measured in emJoules ( equivalent to Joules – analogous to a “viewport” of energy that is embodied in kinetic ( active ) or potential ( inactive ) states ), and an input / output “transmission” ( aka packet / parcel / unit / system, of energy &/or emergy ) is effectively the cause &/or consequence of a state change event for a system of some kind – all of which is can be quantified by the laws of thermodynamics.

Transformity: the thermodynamic ratio of ecological consequence
Transformity: the thermodynamic ratio of ecological consequence

PLEASE NOTE: this is extremely generalised & simplified.

in other words:

  • Any object/system of any kind can undergo a state-change;
  • All human productive activity influences state-changes;
  • A state change can have ecological & social consequences;
  • We can quantify the benefit & harm of such consequences;
  • We should aim to achieve theoretical minimum harm;
  • We should aim to achieve theoretical maximum benefit.

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