Update re books

Back at university, so for anyone waiting to read book 1, at this stage it looks unlikely that I’ll have it ready for publishing by year’s end 2019 ( apologies ) … so it looks like 2020 instead.

Update regarding book 1 of series

Apologies for the ongoing delays in completing book one, but this latest round of drafts is a little like starting from scratch with a whole new central focus to bring it all into context. The general subject of the book is the same, but the style is entirely different ( having gotten some things off my chest in the first few rounds of drafts, which I can now throw in the trash where they belong ).

The first few chapters of part one have been quite difficult to establish, as they’re the basis for everything that follows, and so I need to get them exactly right, or as near to that as possible, and I’ve been carrying around multiple prior drafts with notes scribbled all over them, plus additional notes written on other pieces of paper — gradually sorting, editing, and incorporating all these things into the new draft.

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Update – Dec 30th 2017:

Prior to the break I took from writing, I was up to 62,000 words in a plan for a single book, which may only have constituted as much as 10% of the finished book; but now on returning to writing, I’ve split the project into 4 books, about half that previous writing was pushed off towards books 2 & 3 ( nothing started on book 4 as yet ), and the other half was kept for book 1, but restructured and rewritten.

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Update – Tuesday 19th Dec. 2017

Back to writing ( finally ) … I’ve got Scrivener installed ( on trial ), and it seems like vastly better writing software, but I’m looking forward to seeing version 3 for Windows once it comes out … so off we go again!

Technical and related updates – 15th December 2017

Ok, after weeks of frustration … here’s the result:

  1. The sales guy either misunderstood my extremely plainly worded question, OR ( more likely ) lied to cover up his lack of knowledge &/or in fear of losing the sale … so no, my laptop cannot do GPU passthrough ( like a Razer gaming laptop ) without either writing some seriously clever upgrades to the UEFI BIOS and firmware, OR by getting an eGPU ( external GPU ) rig for connection via Thunderbolt ports ( which would be another $2,000 – which is a non-starter for my budget );
  2. I can only install Windows 7 directly by doing a very clever modification of intel microcode using information published for Linux developers, plus a tool published by VMWare … so that’s a whole bunch of time and effort I can’t be bothered with;
  3. Thus I have returned ( unfortunately ) to Windows 10.

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Technical update and product review ( Metabox ) – Nov 9th, 2017

I ran into an issue at 62,000 words on the book manuscript, being that MS Word struggles to render any pages that have embedded images, even when I’ve been careful to render the image at the lowest acceptable quality of image resolution – the problem was so bad, that the entire computer would seem to have crashed for a few minutes, and which is not acceptable given this is a reasonably powerful machine that should have no such issues with a simple display of text, formatting, layout, and the occasional image.

NOTE: The terms used below are explained further down ( after the review ), if you’re interested in a quick lesson about system configuration for your own home/office computers.
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Visionary Investor(s) required

The future isn’t cryptocurrency, as cryptocurrency retains the fundamental flaws of currency, and the fundamental flaws of the underlying property/trade/currency-based economic paradigm from which currency is derived … the future IS however the blockchain, used for non-species-biased, non-property/trade/currency-based, and non-hierarchical ( aka anarchic ) justice economics & politics. Continue reading “Visionary Investor(s) required”