There are X types of Y types of people in this world …

I’ve often seen articles that say there are some number ‘X’ types of people in this world, and I’ve often been disappointed by the categorisations and characterisations used in these types of articles, so I thought I’d write my own … and begin in the title by acknowledging that there are many types of types (Y) as there are perspectives (X) to categorise them – so here is mine. Continue reading “There are X types of Y types of people in this world …”

Open Empire is a LENS

In the global search for answers to ecological & social issues, most people get involved in “popular movements” – huge numbers of people who can protest, lobby and so on – and that’s great. However there’s plenty of that already, and while there’s some crossover in the membership (ie – most supporters of The Venus Project are also supporters of The Zeitgeist Movement), the reality is that even with millions of people behind them, they haven’t done a huge amount more than develop messages, and build local communities … which is all great, but it’s too slow for what we need, and it’s arguably not strong enough to take down the Goliath of the industrial military complex EVEN IF it can occasionally resist it. Continue reading “Open Empire is a LENS”

Humanity: Slow Boiling its own Frog

This article IS NOT (solely) about “climate change” or the environment … in fact, while it may surprise you to hear this from someone as passionate about Ecological & Social Justice & Sustainability as I am; I am equally passionate in my distaste for the term “climate change” … and this is a great place to start the article, because on the one hand while it is deserving of a thorough treatment in its own article, it’s nonetheless relevant to this one. Continue reading “Humanity: Slow Boiling its own Frog”