A note on terminology: law vs. justice

This probably should have occurred to me to do a long time ago, but for some reason it didn’t, and this may have caused some confusion … but some of you may have noticed that on the one hand I describe Open Empire as “non-hierarchical (aka anarchic)” but on the other hand I also describe it as being about new systems of “law economics and politics”. So … wherever you see the word “law” please do an edit in your head and replace this with the term “justice”.

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The numbers don’t add up

A simple way to see for yourself the flaws of capitalist reasoning, is to create a spreadsheet which calculates the cost of a hypothetical scenario. What makes this conclusive, is to pick a hypothetical scenario which represents something the world desperately needs, but is complex, difficult, and time consuming to plan and execute, so it needs a lot of support to get it off the ground.

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Thought for the day: Peak Extinction

You’ve probably heard the term “Peak Oil”, being the point we passed a while ago where reserved dropped below the point at which demand will always exceed supply from this point onward … and you may have heard the adaptation of the term to “Peak Stuff” by the IKEA CEO in recognition of passing the point at which all material resources will be in the same demand exceeding supply situation … so I want to put it to you again, but this time in the context of extinction.

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