New Website

For anyone still tuning in, my apologies for the lack of any writing for quite some time, I won’t go into the detail, suffice to say that it’s been an “interesting” time.

I’ve started a new website at which is a name derived from two hexagrams of the I-Ching, roughly translated as “Reform & Revolution”.

The purpose of this new site will be again to talk about the project, but also related matters, and to gear myself up for publishing a podcast, in which instead of reading about it all, you’ll be able to listen and watch, though the written transcripts and other writing will be there also.

While the new website will deal with talking about the vision and related matters, this old domain will then be completely shifted to anything I can get off the ground pertaining to implementation of the vision ( unless I decide on a change of domain name for that ).

If you’ve enjoyed my writing in the past, the new site will be a lot more serious, still the odd joke or two along the way, but not so much in the way of rants or irrelevant material. If you enjoy my rants, my apologies for that, but I’m kind of at the point where I no longer want to engage with that so much, unless I can do it in a completely comedy version with some kind of story telling involved, such as a movie or tv screenplay.

I will endeavour over time to read all my past articles, consolidate them, and rewrite them from scratch on the new website, so that each topic is covered only once, and where new information arises, I will edit that into the appropriate article(s).

I am currently investigating a new option for crowdfunding also, which I hope will enable me to work on this full time, and provide me with an income that allows it to really progress.

Any mentions of methods of crowdfunding on this old site, aside from PayPal, and which I haven’t yet removed, are no longer functioning, but if you would like to support my work I would love to hear from you, and there is a contact form on the new site where you can connect with me.

Thanks for the support of those of you who so generously donated in my original attempt at crowdfunding, and while it didn’t really allow me to do anything I wanted to do, I still appreciate the fact you were willing to help me give it a go.

So that website again is – and while there’s nothing much on it yet, there’s 3 articles on the blog page you might be interested to read.

Thanks again, and I’ll see you on the new site.

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