Imagining waste

So you’ve just done Christmas with the family eh?

  • How many presents were bought by one family member or friend of the family for another ( on average )?
  • How much wrapping paper, synthetics, sticky-tape, ribbons, and other superfluous package was used per gift?
  • How many component parts of the present, and how much of the packaging & wrapping were biodegradable?
  • What is the lifespan of the utility of the gift?

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Update – Dec 30th 2017:

Prior to the break I took from writing, I was up to 62,000 words in a plan for a single book, which may only have constituted as much as 10% of the finished book; but now on returning to writing, I’ve split the project into 4 books, about half that previous writing was pushed off towards books 2 & 3 ( nothing started on book 4 as yet ), and the other half was kept for book 1, but restructured and rewritten.

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Update – Tuesday 19th Dec. 2017

Back to writing ( finally ) … I’ve got Scrivener installed ( on trial ), and it seems like vastly better writing software, but I’m looking forward to seeing version 3 for Windows once it comes out … so off we go again!

Technical and related updates – 15th December 2017

Ok, after weeks of frustration … here’s the result:

  1. The sales guy either misunderstood my extremely plainly worded question, OR ( more likely ) lied to cover up his lack of knowledge &/or in fear of losing the sale … so no, my laptop cannot do GPU passthrough ( like a Razer gaming laptop ) without either writing some seriously clever upgrades to the UEFI BIOS and firmware, OR by getting an eGPU ( external GPU ) rig for connection via Thunderbolt ports ( which would be another $2,000 – which is a non-starter for my budget );
  2. I can only install Windows 7 directly by doing a very clever modification of intel microcode using information published for Linux developers, plus a tool published by VMWare … so that’s a whole bunch of time and effort I can’t be bothered with;
  3. Thus I have returned ( unfortunately ) to Windows 10.

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