The fraud goes deeper than you think.

I am writing this article to explain a fraud perpetrated in medical science, and which has been in place for a very long time, without which, the current scare campaign of the Covid-19 “pandemic” wouldn’t have been possible. This fraud has been perpetrated against both the general public, and also the scientific community.

The purpose of this article is both to expose the fraud, but also to explain it in terms anyone can understand, and additionally to explain it with enough detail, that even those whom have been educated by the university system to believe in it, should be able to see for themselves that it is actually contradictory to more fundamental and well established facts of science – therefore it cannot be true, no matter whom or what evidence suggests otherwise.

What is disease?

To understand how this fraud has been perpetrated, and why it is indeed a fraud, we must begin by understanding what it is we are actually talking about, and the first thing you need to understand is what disease is, and what it is not.

For a very long time the public has been exposed to such language as “contagion”, the “spread” of disease, and the notion of diseases being “caught” and “carried”, all of which is complete and utter rubbish, as I will explain.

Disease is not a thing, object, or substance, which can be carried, caught, or spread, it is a systemic state, or state of being, or in other words again, any name for any particular disease, is merely a label ascribed to a set of symptoms, some of which are certain, others are merely possible. So to say that you have caught or spread a disease is a falsehood, as you cannot pass on a systemic state, and no one in the history of medical science has ever isolated any kind of “disease substance”. So forget about the concept of a contagion, as it simply doesn’t exist.

Secondly, to even say that certain things ( like viruses or bacterium ) “cause” disease, is similarly misleading. More accurately one should say they can contribute to disease, but they are rarely if ever a sole cause.

In brief, and I will go into this in greater detail in a minute, the reason a bacterium can contribute to disease, is either because your system is out of balance in some way, and is not interacting with the bacterium very well. This can include such things as having a long standing dietary issue, possible nutritional deficiency, and thus the biome in your gut, which would normally be doing you good, might become imbalanced, and thus contribute to the formation of disease. Another way this can happen with bacterium, is typically when they get into a place they’re not supposed to be ( such as your bloodstream ), but again, it requires your body to be signficantly out of balance, in order to prevent you simply fighting them off. If a bacterium does get into your blood and you cannot fight it off, you then manifest a disease, but not because any disease substance was passed to you, it is because the bacterium is eating your resources, and excreting wastes, which places a load on your internal organs, and they are less well resourced to deal with it the longer the problem persists, and the more that bacterium replicates itself.

To understand why viruses can contribute to disease, we must go far back in time, to understand what they actually are and what they are not.

The origin of viruses.

Firstly, understand that viruses are not organisms. They are neither a downstream nor upstream relative of bacterium, they cannot have evolved separately from organisms, and they cannot survive very long outside an organism, unless somehow protected.

I want you to cast your mind and imagination back millions and billions of years ago, to when the world was only inhabited by single celled life ( ancient bacterium ), which are the ancestors of animals, plants, and fungi alike.

Now, bacterium can share genetic information, hence their ability to rapidly adapt to a changing environment, and at this time, the solution set of all evolutionary pressures to LOSE the functionality was null ( an empty set ), and it has remained null ever since. Meaning there were no, and have never been any pressures, to lose this highly advantageous gene transfer function.

Similarly, at this time, and at every time since, the solution set of all evolutionary pressures to KEEP the functionality was full ( of every valid reason you can imagine ).

We know this because every species of bacterium can do it.

There are only 2 possible reasons for this:

  1. they all share a common ancestor from which the ability was inherited;
  2. the gene transfer function is a natural consequence of the process of abiogenesis.

Either way, this means it goes back to the origins of life, and the origins of ancient single celled bacterium.

What this also means is the following: when the very first single celled organisms became the very first multicellular organisms, we can say with absolute certainty that the gene transfer function was once again inherited.

However in the case of multicellular organisms, what we can also say, is that over time as multicellular organisms became more complex, including changes in the way our genetic information is encoded, that gene transfer mechanism had to adapt as well.

Therefore, that is what viruses are – ie: they are merely the inherited and adapted gene transfer function for multicellular life – and there is no valid counter argument possible to this, it is a certainty.

In order to argue differently, one must argue that against all possibility and probability, nonetheless, that gene transfer function died out, and that an almost identical thing, again against all possibility and probability, just sprang into being, and started attacking multicellular life. Which is of course a load of utter nonsense.

What all this means is that viruses of various kinds are manufactured by every single individual of every single species of animal plant and fungi on the planet.

If you want to understand this topic a bit better, I can highly recommend the videos by AronRa on YouTube; he is an academic, who has a whole series explaining things like abiogenesis and the origins of life, evolution, and the taxonomical classification of life. If you are a teacher yourself, I believe he also has it available as courseware, so that you can use it in the classroom.

So why do people get the flu?

The ONLY reason some people might get seriously sick or die as a consequence of viral interaction, is because there’s a resource cost and stress associated with that interaction, and you must be young and healthy enough to perform the interaction correctly ( which likely includes rejecting a genetic transfer, just as much as accepting it ), while also paying that resource cost, and enduring that stress.

For this reason, the vast majority of people never know their bodies are constantly dealing with millions, billions, and even trillions of viruses at any one time, or at worst, they just get the sniffles or a headache. The very fact someone were to get seriously sick or die, is evidence in and of itself, that something else was already wrong.

For any flu season – and remember, you’re not catching the flu, you are swapping viruses, and then some people are then manifesting the flu, because they cannot cope – the vast majority of people never have any idea that anything was going on, and this isn’t because they weren’t exposed to other people’s viruses, it’s simply because they were in good enough health to deal with it.

For any flu season, and you can check the history of this for yourself, there is ALWAYS a higher death toll ( particularly in the elderly ) over winter, because under the additional stress of colder temperatures, their body struggles with the resource cost and stress. This is nothing new. The all cause mortality hasn’t significantly changed, EXCEPTING a spike that occurs ONLY AND EXACTLY where and when all these insane policies of lockdowns, masks, isolation and so forth, are put in place – ie: those policies have nothing whatsover to do with being good for your health, and they also have nothing to do with proper quarantine procedures anyway.

Why do we have an immune response if they are a part of us?

Here’s the thing: bacterial cells ( single celled organisms ) are often very tiny compared to a lot of human cells, this is because as multicellular organisms, our cells are far more specialised ( into tissue types ), and vastly more complex. It is highly likely that the mitochondrion in your cells used to be independent bacterial life, and the same again goes for the chloroplasts inside plant cells – so that gives you some idea of the difference in scale. Viruses are much much smaller again.

At a certain threshold of size, there is a limit to what you can actually achieve – ie: when you have a bunch of atoms arranged together, all you have is a molecule of some chemical, and if you have a few molecules, you can form some substance, and if you get enough substances together, and arrange them in the right way, you can construct the components of a single celled organism. A virus is so small, you can think of it as a component of a cell of a living thing – it just happens to be a component that travels outside of you, that’s the only difference.

At this tiny size, viruses just don’t have the complexity for a lot of programming, and all they really know is “replicate” ( their sole function ). So they find the right location, and they replicate, and this is how they spread genetic information, and this process is vital to our evolution, and to the evolution of all species on the planet.

However they cannot know when to stop doing this, as they aren’t privy to the information, so they just keep doing it. For this reason, we need the time to ramp up antibodies to kill them off, so they have enough time to spread the genetic information, but are not allowed to just keep doing it ad infinitum, as this would deplete us of scarce resource, and thus contribute to disease.

The redundancy and even harm of vaccines.

Vaccines are the single most redundant medical technology ever invented, but worse than that, they are actually an entirely bad idea. The correct response being to simply ensure that everyone has good healthy food, clean water, clean air, adequate exercise and sunshine, and a lack of any unnecessary stress. Do this, and you won’t have a problem; the elderly will still die off, but that is unavoidable, we all have to go sometime.

The reason you do not want vaccines – ignoring for a minute all the disastrous nonsense going on with CV19 and the experimental gene editing vaccines – is because viruses are essential to our evolution as a species, so this is not something we should be interfering with.

Even in the very best of circumstances, ignoring for a minute what I just said on the reason we shouldn’t use them at all, the only thing a vaccine can ever do for you, is to trigger an immune response – which:

  1. was going to happen anyway, in the correct time, and;
  2. won’t happen if your immune system is dysfunctional;

So if you’re healthy, why bother taking it, and if you’re so sick your immune system isn’t working right, why would you bother either? The ONLY thing you can do, is to take care of your health, make sure your body is working properly, and just deal with it if you get a little under the weather, by stopping doing anything that is bad for you, get rest, stay hydrated, and eat healthy fresh fruit and vegetables.

… and all of the above, that’s the BEST case scenario – ie: as I said, they are a completely redundant medical technology. The only reason anyone takes them, is because the fraud goes this deep, and people are made to fear these so-called “deadly pathogens”, which is an utter load of bollocks.

What about wearing masks?

I was sent a list about this time last year, when all this insanity began, which was a list of 40 research studies over a decade, all of which conclusively showed that masks have absolutely no signficant effect against viruses. Cloth masks allowed 98% to pass, and were actually worse for your health, and even the n95 surgical filter masks allow 44% to pass, which wouldn’t be significant unless you could get that number down to something more like 0.000,000,000,000,044% ( no exaggeration ), because at any one time there can be many TRILLIONS of the things inside you … and given the fact that there are so many of these things, and always have been, why on Earth would you be afraid of them?

Even the famous John Hopkins, until very recently at least, published that the ONLY reason they wore masks outside a surgical operating theatre ( where they also have nothing to do with viruses ), was for psychologically comforting the families and friends of patients. Meanwhile inside the operating theatre, the reason they wear them, is the same reason they wear gloves and hair nets, which is to stop saliva, hair, and dead skin cells ( all of which can contain bacterium ) from getting inside an opened body cavity.

Psychologically speaking, the enforced wearing of masks is actually historically connected to slavery, as it deprived the slave of a voice, and got them used to the idea of being completely controlled.

So, why the fraud? What is their motivation?

A long time ago, there were two competing hypotheses on which medical science could be based. In one, we have the acknowledgement of internal and external environmental conditions leading to health or disease, based on a balance of variables and events, but in this hypothesis, there is no bogeyman, there’s no contagion, just your responsibility to take care of your health by eating right, exercising and so on. This is not very good for scaring people, thus controlling them, and making lots of money in the process. The other hypothesis blames “germs”, says they “carry diease”, and is great for scaring people, controlling them, and extracting money.

So this fraud has been going on a very long time, and the only difference now is that they have ramped it up a million notches, in order to dominate and control all life on Earth. In a nutshell, they want you to submit to your own enslavement, and to achieve this, they spent the last 3-4 decades defunding and destroying the education system, destroying journalism, and ramping up the fear across every form of media they could. This has been a very long time in the making, but now, they finally have a population who lack an even rudimentary understanding of their own bodies, and who barely even speak read or write their own native language with any great skill – and if you are no good at language, you are no good at communication, and if you’re no good at communication, then you are no good at thinking. Only a dumbed down population can be controlled in this way.

If you want to understand the players behind it all, the best I can suggest is to look into the background of Klaus Schwab ( WEF ), and to watch the documentary by James Corbett of The Corbett Report: “Meet Bill Gates”.


So just to recap for you:

  • disease is not a thing object or substance;
  • viruses aren’t diseases, nor do they carry disease;
  • disease is a systemic state ( of some form of dysfunction );
  • the notion of a contagion is therefore a fraud, they do not and can not exist;
  • if there is no contagion, then there cannot be a vector of contagion;
  • even the notion that viruses “cause” disease, is highly misleading, as it lacks signficant context and detail – they can contribute to disease only, not cause it;
  • bacterium have a gene trasnfer function;
  • all multicellular life inherited this gene transfer function;
  • we know this because:
    • it can only have come about in bacterium through one of two ways;
    • both of which means date back to the origins of life and the earliest bacterium;
    • this is in evidence by the symbiosis of bacterial cells inside animal cells ( mitochondrion ), and plant cells ( chloroplasts ), and because the function is so advantageous, that the solution set of pressures to lose it, is null, and the solution set of pressures to keep it, is full;
  • viruses are that gene transfer function;
  • viruses are essential to the process of evolution;
  • getting rid of viruses is a pointless impossible task, and it is not advantageous even if you could do it;
  • masks don’t work against viruses, that’s not what they are made for;
  • vaccines are at best a redundant medical technology, and at worst, they are a poison to you;
  • your government are a bunch of criminals and lairs;
  • they get their instructions from even worse people with real money and power;
  • the mainstream media are largely gutless and brainless, because none of them have ever told you any of this ( except the ones that got sacked, because they actually had guts and principles ).

Any questions? I think that should all be pretty clear.

The Scientific Method ( and how it is supposed to work )

Most people seem to think that if an “expert” or “authority” says something, or if a paper is written about it, then in must be true, but this is not how science works. Here’s a quick and simple explanation of the truth about science ( for the lay person & those who claim to understand it but don’t ).


Firstly, you come up with an idea which you’re trying to prove, this is called your hypothesis. Your job is to figure out what would be required to demonstrate its truth. You must perform experiments, do research, gather data, then try to connect the dots between already established facts, in order to demonstrate that your conclusion is the correct one. This is a lot harder than you might think, and very few people achieve it.


The paper you write about your hypothesis is your thesis. It is just a paper, it is only a paper, and even publication of it does not constitute the establishment of a new fact.

Replication Studies:

Where possible, it is good to get others to repeat your experiment to see if they can get the same results, which is difficult because there is often no money on offer to do replication studies, and there’s also rarely anything in the way of academic kudos or other incentives.

So while replication studies are good, they often never get done, but even if they are done, and even if a replication study gets the same results, this is still not evidence of the correctness of your hypothesis, as what they have only shown is that your data is most likely or definitely correct, but they have not shown that your conclusions resulting from the data produced are correct.

So a replication study can only really find error in your methods and the data you produce, it cannot find an error in your conclusions EXCEPT by way of showing that your methods or data were incorrect or somehow flawed.

Peer Review:

Peer review also often rarely gets done, and as discussed by many whom have assessed problems such as corruption and fraud in science, the problem is so bad for researchers whom are under professional and economic pressure to get published, that they will ghost write their own peer review then hand it to someone else to sign off.

But even where peer review is done properly, once again, it doesn’t mean your paper is a conclusive proof of anything, it only means they couldn’t find error, and the goal here is far higher, which is to prove that no error CAN exist. So the value of peer review is really to help the author in terms of rewriting the paper, in the attempt to cover any remaining holes in the thesis.


Publication does not establish fact, it only means that certain academic and scientific journals consider your paper to be worthy of publication, but that’s it, nothing more.

The Establishment of Fact:

A fact can only be established when it can be shown that all other conclusions are or must be false, because the evidence leads in only one direction, or because all other directions have been shown to be false.

Now think about that for a minute: in order to show that all other possibilities must be false, you must have either selected an extremely tightly focused subject for your research, such that you’re only incrementally establishing a very tiny gain in terms of known fact, and which is therefore relatively easy ( or easier ) to prove, than a giant leap; or you must rely on all such tiny subjects to have been individually proven by other papers such that you can knit them all together to establish a higher order derived fact; or you must have done a gigantic lifelong research assignment such as to prove all the tiny facts required to prove your larger fact.


So next time you’re involved in or watching a debate about a particular topic and someone says “cite a paper or it’s not true”, understand that such people are idiots and they do not understand science nor fact itself, because the lack of a paper doesn’t establish falsehood any more than the existence of a paper and it’s publication established a fact.

The only thing that establishes a fact is an unassailable argument which leads to a definitive conclusion based on logic evidence and reasoning, for which there is no valid counter argument, and this DOESN’T require a research paper, it’s just handy when one exists, but they are rare.

With so much fraud in science, you cannot rely on papers, which is not to say don’t read them, but if you don’t understand enough about argument ( logic evidence plus reasoning equals conclusion ), and the axioms and established facts used to support this argument, along with the mathematics and science required to understand the argument and it’s evidence, then there’s very little point in citing a paper anyway, as you haven’t established anything at all.


It’s interesting when I meet random people over coffee at a cafe, strike up a conversation about a mutual point of agreement, but then the conversation strays into territory where it’s obvious they’re out of their depth, and yet still hold fervent beliefs despite their clear lack of ever having really contemplated the issues with any great depth beyond that which they were raised to believe — and which seems sensible to them, because it is a narrative told, usually when they were young, by those they trust ( parents, friends, relatives etc. ). Continue reading “On THINKING”

Update re books

Back at university, so for anyone waiting to read book 1, at this stage it looks unlikely that I’ll have it ready for publishing by year’s end 2019 ( apologies ) … so it looks like 2020 instead.