A letter from your unborn grandchildren

If your as yet unborn grandchildren from the future, as fully grown adults, could write to you and send their letter back in time, here’s what I think they’d say:

Dear Grandma & Grandpa,

Stop, please, whatever you think you’re doing, I beg you to stop. I need to tell you about the world we are living in, and why I do not want you to allow me to exist in the first place.

I am not grateful for all the nations you invaded and destroyed, I’m not grateful for the genocides you committed and the lies you used to cover it up, nor am I grateful for the world you’ve left for me to inherit … because every single thing about this place sucks.

I’ve seen all the historical evidence of what life and the planet used to be like, and how bad it had become by the time you inherited it from those before you … but what you have now is an unimaginable paradise compared to the shit-holes we all now live in … everything is either destroyed dead and toxic or safe but tediously sterile and monotonously predictable.

What the fuck possessed you to murder so many people? It was never necessary, it didn’t make life better for you, and it hasn’t made life better for us … I’ll be honest, I resent you, I pity you, because it’s clear to me that you must have all been most of the way insane, and pretty damn stupid, not to mention a bunch or utterly tediously boring narcissists … if I met you, I’d probably want to kill you, because from my perspective, you’re a disease.

We can no longer afford to make the kinds of monumental mistakes you made on a daily basis, because the ways that you avoided having to know about or take any responsibility for the consequences of your actions, are long since all burned-up, used-up, polluted, destroyed, and gone … if we made mistakes like that, we’d be dead in months ( all of us ).

So this bitter ‘gift’ you’ve given us is wisdom via necessity, and I assure you it’s very cold comfort to our universally harsh lives.

There’s no such thing as safe havens here, and quite frankly I cannot understand the obsession you seem to have had with being safe … you literally made everyone and everything including yourselves less safe in your desperate, obsessed, fear-based need to be safe … and what you thought you were leaving us doesn’t exist, literally nothing at all worked out the way you planned, because your plans were all completely stupid and at least bordering on insane without exception.

Keep your pants on, don’t have kids, and if it’s too late for that, please ask my parents not to have me ( they’re dead no so I can’t tell them myself ).

There’s no such thing as economy without ecology, so stop fucking killing destroying polluting and poisoning everything. I don’t understand why I have to explain such a basic concept to you, and the fact that I do have to makes me wonder whether you’re too stupid or insane to even understand this message … am I wasting my time appealing to your rational mind because you don’t have one?

Anyway, I wish I could have written a nicer letter, but I can’t, so fuck you.


Your grandchildren.

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