I’ve had my articles read by people from around 100 countries or so, but the limitation of course is English only … so I would like to talk to anyone who would be willing to help translate the pages & articles into other languages, and anyone who understands how to best offer multiple languages via hosting (or failing that, can help redevelop the site on its own server using the full installation of WordPress).

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The “self-made” millionaire / billionaire delusion of capitalism

Capitalism generates a lot of self righteous and delusional beliefs, one of the worst of which is the “self-made” delusion.

In fairness … no one on the planet is, ever was, nor ever will be a “self made” anything … it is the privilege of our lives which presents this delusion. The reality is this:

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The longer you leave it to solve a problem …

I don’t know if this is a popular saying or not, but it’s something that’s been with me since childhood:

” … the longer you leave it to solve a problem, the harder it becomes to solve … “

which speaks to the entrenchment of problems, the flow on effect – including the chain reaction & domino effect of additional problems being caused – and the backlog of unhandled consequences.

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Competition Fallacy: Capitalism vs. Relativity

The Fallacy:

There’s a fallacy presented to the world which states that all species must compete for scarce resources. This is taken to be true because it is assumed that all should – in the interests of fulfilment, self preservation, and survival – fight for the greatest share of all resources … but is this actually true?

The prevailing “wisdom” would say yes without hesitation, and this is what I wish to challenge.

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The Anarcho-Capitalist Oxymoron

For those who don’t know, there’s a group of people who call themselves “ancaps” or “anti-capitalists”, and another group called “anarcho-capitalists” who typically invade ancap discussions, trying to take the title ancap away from the anti-capitalists.

Now, the problem here is that an anarcho-capitalism is an oxymoron, because anarchy is that which has no rulers, but capitalism is ruled by the banks and the other ultra-wealth … so there’s nothing remotely anarchic about capitalism.

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