A simple list of waste

I find it astounding how many people think that capitalist property / trade / currency based economics is “efficient”, and/or believe that the amount of resources consumed per head of population at present, is anything but a gigantic waste which for the most part consumes huge resources in order to deliver almost nothing to the vast majority of people … and much of what is delivered either wouldn’t be needed in the first place if it wasn’t for these economic imperatives, or is so poorly built that it barely fulfils the need (if at all), then breaks before the job is done, thus needing to be replaced. Continue reading “A simple list of waste”

Extended Dunning-Kruger Effect and Hanlon’s Razor

Warning: At the outset I want to make something very clear … I would expect (given past experience) that with or without this warning (plus various other notes and caveats throughout this article), it is likely someone could read the following, take objection to it for some reason, and then ironically prove every point I’m making while believing they’re doing the exact opposite … and the reasons for this (as explained in detail by the article itself), can be summarised as follows: Continue reading “Extended Dunning-Kruger Effect and Hanlon’s Razor”

Extinction, Garbage, Pollution and Population

I’ve been reading a lot lately about “the population crisis”, which is the idea that there are simply too many people on the planet. Now … like a lot of other things in this world, it isn’t a simple black and white question or answer like that … so I thought I’d write a bit of an explanation about what is happening to the planet, and how it relates to population.

To really discuss anything like this, you need a baseline, so let’s begin by constructing such a baseline … then we’ll be able to run scenarios against that baseline, and compare those scenarios to the reality we face. Continue reading “Extinction, Garbage, Pollution and Population”