Project Status: May 2016

I’m currently taking a hiatus for a few reasons:

  • Lack of finance;
  • Stress;
  • Writing my first book & screenplay;
  • Caring for a dog fresh out of surgery and critical care.

So there’s nothing new to report.

Where I last left it, I had the following completed:

  • Object model diagrams for core / critical elements of modified blockchain concept capable of handling the requirements for non-property/trade/currency-based economic interaction;
  • Some code written for above;
  • Additional modelling diagrams for physical / logical system components and other aspects of framework;

… but of course it’s very slow going without funding & so many distractions, so I’m still primarily concerned about stabilising my personal life in terms of housing & other basic needs, so that I can give it proper focus.

Thanks for the continuing interest of all those whom have written to me, it’s nice to hear some of the words of appreciation from those who “get it”.


  • I’m going to aim at creating a single video per page & post explaining what is on that page & in greater detail … I suspect that tone of voice may aid the emphasis on words to help comprehension;
  • I’d like to also add more diagrams, but the laptop issues are holding me back a little;
  • I’m focusing on a single book and screenplay as possible sources of revenue to help me focus on this work;
  • I’m looking at a few other possible ways of earning money without risk of pain or further injury for my spinal condition.

So unfortunately things are mostly on hold for the next few months, as I try to find a new home and get other things stabilised in my life.

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