Update: March 31st 2017 – flood damage ( nothing left )

The cars are parked on the high point of the main road … my stuff is sitting about a metre lower than that under the house … completely submerged

Last night I watched on helplessly as the majority of my meagre resources in this world – sitting in storage under a house – were destroyed by flood in the wake of cycle Debbie … the only things I now have left in this world are as follows: Continue reading “Update: March 31st 2017 – flood damage ( nothing left )”

Thought for the Day: not “types” but STAGES OF capitalism

Many people come to the erroneous defence of – or only partial willingness to admit – the flaws of capitalism. They see the problems that are occurring, and will usually say something along one of the following lines:

  • That’s not capitalism’s fault, that’s because capitalism isn’t being given free reign
  • That’s not capitalism, that’s crony capitalism
  • That’s not capitalism, that’s vulture capitalism
  • That’s not capitalism, that’s socialism / communism

Continue reading “Thought for the Day: not “types” but STAGES OF capitalism”

Thought for the Day: hate your cowardice

There’s not a lot of good uses for hatred, but I found 2 of them during the course of my life. In my 20s I took up smoking cigarettes, and 5-6 years later was able to quit, in part because I broke off the love part of that love-hate relationship ( at least long enough to let me quit ) … and now once or twice every 2-5 years, I might have a rollie ( rolling tobacco – perhaps containing whacky weed ), or I might have a cigar – but it’s very rare either way, and leaves me with no desire to re-take-up the habit. Continue reading “Thought for the Day: hate your cowardice”

Capitalism Breaches Human Rights

I have been saying for a while now that capitalism is in breach of human rights, according to the articles of the international declaration ( or charter ) of human rights ( link ).

For those of you unfamiliar with the document, I have made a summary of its points ( following ), but you can also read the full version online via the link above. Anyone else is free to skip past all that to here. Continue reading “Capitalism Breaches Human Rights”

Update: March 24, 2017: Commenting and Likes enabled – plus RSS issue

I’ve enabled a different commenting plugin per post, and that seems to work a lot better, which allows you to use your own wordpress or some other social media login to identify you as the commenter … the Like button appears down the bottom of each post ( if you feel inspired to do so ) … but I discovered the RSS / Atom feed page doesn’t work on iPad ( not sure why as yet ), so I will get around to fixing that when I figure out the issue.

Ego – it’s not a dirty word

SkyHooks' Red Symons in engyptian consume, from the song "ego"

At the outset I want to say that I am misinterpreted, misrepresented, and misunderstood by some people on an almost constant basis … they’re convinced they couldn’t possibly have interpreted anything even slightly incorrectly, convinced there’s nothing I could possibly say that would be valid or add any significant change to their interpretation of events, and convinced that the values and methods by which they’ve interpreted the situation are unassailable. Continue reading “Ego – it’s not a dirty word”