Thought for the Day: not “types” but STAGES OF capitalism

Many people come to the erroneous defence of – or only partial willingness to admit – the flaws of capitalism. They see the problems that are occurring, and will usually say something along one of the following lines:

  • That’s not capitalism’s fault, that’s because capitalism isn’t being given free reign
  • That’s not capitalism, that’s crony capitalism
  • That’s not capitalism, that’s vulture capitalism
  • That’s not capitalism, that’s socialism / communism

so let me say the following:

  • IF you have property, THEN you will always get trade
  • IF you have trade, THEN you will always get currency
  • IF you have currency, THEN you will always get commodification
  • IF you have commodification, THEN you will always get capitalism
  • CAPITAL is any productive resource
  • CAPITALISM is the exploitation of capital for an oxymoron “profit”
  • Exploitation is a consequence AND PURPOSE OF of capitalism
  • Socialism and communism ( as you know them ) are attempted but unsustainable modifications of capitalism, because unless they’re implemented on a global scale, they cannot deal with the psychopaths and sociopaths who see them as a threat and wish to sabotage them – AND EVEN IF THEY COULD they would amass such power as to become the very thing they tried to fight off.
  • HENCE ALSO “crony” or “vulture” capitalism ARE NOT “types” of capitalism, but LATE STAGES of capitalism … they are the consequence of an economic resource paradigm based on property, and on the notion that “profit” ( in the mind of the narcissist / sociopath / psychopath ) is the relative acquisition of power and wealth relative to everyone else.

You are not looking at types of capitalism, it is not broken, it is flawed.

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