Update: March 31st 2017 – flood damage ( nothing left )

The cars are parked on the high point of the main road … my stuff is sitting about a metre lower than that under the house … completely submerged

Last night I watched on helplessly as the majority of my meagre resources in this world – sitting in storage under a house – were destroyed by flood in the wake of cycle Debbie … the only things I now have left in this world are as follows:

  • An armload of old clothes ( I can literally hold every item of clothing in one armload, and much of it is worn out or with limited practical usage )
  • My 6+ year old laptop ( has already had parts replaced due to failure )
  • A small amount of bedding
  • A 20 year old black & white printer
  • A 10-15 year old colour flatbed scanner
  • A couple of shelves of 10-20 year old academic text books
  • A couple of boxes of old study notes
  • An A-frame ladder
  • Anything not destroyed by the flood ( which won’t be much )

What was destroyed ( most likely ):

  • The rest of my clothing
  • Kitchenware ( juicer and a few other things )
  • Electronics ( bag of cables, power boards, high ( industrial ) quality extension lead )
  • Books ( including original rare copies of things – collectors items )
  • Original artwork ( my own – and only copies )
  • Original writing ( my own – and only copies )
  • Academic notes and books ( were important to me because they contained very specific notes )
  • Sports equipment ( tennis racquet and a handful of other bits and pieces )

I’d already previously lost my car as I could no longer afford to maintain, repair, nor register it ( it’s not in picture, I gave it up to the wreckers 2 years ago ) … so this was almost the last of everything I had ( which you can see wasn’t much of a list anyway ) … there were a lot of memories and things in there.

It’s all gone, and it’s gone because I cancelled a trip to get it when I was told it was going to be delivered … so I feel pretty fucked about this.

Thisis the rain that did the damage ( my stuff was in storage smack in the middle of that bright red zone )
This is what happened to the river

Life was tough enough already, but I was hoping I’d have access to this stuff again at some stage … I can’t replace any of it, much of it was unique and irreplaceable … and I can’t even afford to go there to assess the damage, because I’m still recovering financially from the last 2 times I went at my own expense to help with sick and injured dogs.

I have nothing left but what’s in my head … and it seems most of the world doesn’t understand or care to understand why that is valuable.

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