Blame shifting, brinkmanship, cowardice, ignorance, illiteracy, and laziness … versus “the sky is falling” – how do you find truth in a post truth world?

What exactly is it we are referring to when we use the word “sky”?

If we think about it carefully:

the sky is an emergent object which only strictly speaking “exists” when you have an unobstructed view upwards towards a purely natural atmospheric and/or astronomical background.

So if i can see clouds, blue sky ( daylight ), or stars, I am seeing some aspect of the day-time or night-time sky. Continue reading “Blame shifting, brinkmanship, cowardice, ignorance, illiteracy, and laziness … versus “the sky is falling” – how do you find truth in a post truth world?”

Those little fucking stickers on fruit

There are things that bother me, because they are stupid, pointless, irresponsible, and shouldn’t be happening in the first place.

How many million pieces of fruit do you think are eaten daily in the western world? For argument’s sake, let’s just conservatively say it’s 1,000,000 from conventional farms and mainstream supermarket retailers – it’s probably much more than that, but that’s fine, we’ll just say it’s 1.

Each of these pieces of fruit has a small plastic ( non-biodegradable ) sticker on it, with a number that means absolutely nothing to the consumer. So we’ve just taken a perfectly biodegradable packaging ( the skin ), and added an utterly pointless ( to the consumer ) non-biodegradable component. Continue reading “Those little fucking stickers on fruit”

Update – July 20th 2017: book manuscript – feedback wanted

I’ve now written a little over 50,000 words and will soon complete a first draft of parts 1 & 2. So before moving on to parts 3 & 4, I’d like to get some feedback from any close friends whom are reading my blog.

I know it’s a big ask to read through that much stuff, and at most that’s only 1/4 of the end product, but if you do have the time, please write to me, as I’d like to get multiple perspectives, especially from those whom do not have any particular scientific background, because I’d really like to know whether you find this crash course of parts 1 & 2 to be reasonably easy to follow; however I would also like to hear from those who do have such backgrounds, as I’m sure they’ll be able to help with respect to convincing those already educated, as to these alternative interpretations and new consequences of what many of them probably believe to be evidence of completely different conclusions. Continue reading “Update – July 20th 2017: book manuscript – feedback wanted”

Update – July 18th 2017: New Laptop

I’ve just taken the compensation I received for losing my things in the floods after cyclone debbie, some other money I was previously gifted by a relative whom took pity on me ( and which I managed not to spend ), and almost the same total amount again which I gradually saved over the course of a couple of years by trying desperately never to spend anything … and I’ve finally paid for my old laptop to be replaced with something a bit better … it still needs a few upgrades, but it was too painful to keep myself on such a restricted budget from an already impoverished beginning, and I had to get a temporary rent reduction also which I now have to pay back. Continue reading “Update – July 18th 2017: New Laptop”

Apologies re wiki spam

Apparently some idiot was using my wiki subdomain to send spam, and apparently the people who coded the wiki media CMS didn’t think to automatically block any function by default with such a gaping security flaw in it, nor to warn anyone with big flashing letters on the screen during the install to say “if you don’t do this immediately, people will be able to just use your domain as a source of spam without even needing to know your login passwords”. Continue reading “Apologies re wiki spam”

Flawed assumptions of capitalism

In order for capitalism to “work” ( ie – not fail ) in any regard, its starting assumptions must most likely be either true, or not too far off the truth; they certainly can’t be utterly false and contradictory to reality, in some manner likely to cause total failure.

Now one of the defences not often spoken – but which must logically be implied by any defence of capitalism from a civil liberties, human rights, and individual freedom of expression perspective – is that:

  • IF your offerings to the world have value;
  • THEN you should be able to support yourself providing such;
  • ELSE IF you are unable to support yourself;
  • THEN clearly your offerings have no significant value.

Think about that for a minute. Continue reading “Flawed assumptions of capitalism”