Update – July 18th 2017: New Laptop

I’ve just taken the compensation I received for losing my things in the floods after cyclone debbie, some other money I was previously gifted by a relative whom took pity on me ( and which I managed not to spend ), and almost the same total amount again which I gradually saved over the course of a couple of years by trying desperately never to spend anything … and I’ve finally paid for my old laptop to be replaced with something a bit better … it still needs a few upgrades, but it was too painful to keep myself on such a restricted budget from an already impoverished beginning, and I had to get a temporary rent reduction also which I now have to pay back.

Next on the agenda ( after those upgrades ) is saving up for a NAS device, then a development server … fortunately they’re not as expensive as a laptop, but they’ll still take me ages to save for ( probably a year each at least ), unless I can find some income somewhere.

I am struggling a bit to manage and teach myself everything in order to be able to develop the website, write my book, try to find income, deal with the injuries ( doing rehab at home on a budget of $0 instead of getting professional assistance and musculoskeletal rehab therapy ), and everything else I have to do … but at least this is a step forward, and the old laptop was really starting to play up, so I wasn’t sure how much longer it would last.

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