Tort Law and why you need to know about it.

Following on from a previous article on democracy & law (LINK), let’s have a look at the failure of law makers & enforcers to live up to their own principles. This is not a defence of the legal system, as a more competent civilisation would have developed a vastly better system; it is merely pointing out how the system is supposed to function.

The problem at hand is the issue of Tort, and how this creates the difference between criminal & civil offences.

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Double Peak-Oil: None More Black

A recent study ( determined that: we’ve not just passed “peak oil” in terms of the apex of the supply-demand curve, where the Earth’s reserves have been so depleted, that demand will always outstrip supply (from here on in); but we’ve also outstripped usage versus ecological consequences, ie – any further oil wells means that exceeding 2 degrees of global warming is inevitable … and thus, the amount of new oil wells we can drill is NONE, NONE MORE BLACK.

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For those of you familiar with my writing, you’ll know I’m no fan of the status quo … but without the resources to push my own projects – provided on terms that do not undermine project objectives – I cannot proceed with those projects with any degree / probability of success.

So I am switching tactics, and aside from continuing my project writing, I’d like to put the following offer – and background – on the table:


How to be a Better: Boss – Part 2

[This is the 2nd of a 3 part series on How to be a Better: Recruiter (Pt. 1); Boss (Pt. 2); Investor (Pt. 3).]

In the previous article in this series: How to be a Better: Recruiter (Pt. 1); I stated the following (paraphrased):

  1. All jobs should be important hires;
  2. Redefine the role to make the above true, if it isn’t already so;
  3. Allow staff to allocate whatever reasonable time is required;
  4. Emergencies & core business aside – prioritise recruitment;
  5. Aim for divergence of perspective over intellectual homogeneity;
  6. Ensure the most knowledgeable, smartest, & wisest people make your short list, so so there’s no bad choices, and so there’s no missed opportunities;

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The Social Injustice of Capitalism

Unions & Slaves won our freedoms, NOT warfare and armies:

The existing regime of 8 hours each for work, rest and play – not that it actually works out that way for most people – was a hard fought and won combined effort, between the abolition of slavery and the union movements (thanks guys).

European workers had tried to collectively bargain many centuries before, but the collective organisation and bargaining of labour was outlawed by Britain in the 14th century. Subsequent attempts in Britain Canada Australia and elsewhere were then successful in the early to mid 1800s.

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How to be a Better: Recruiter – Part 1

[This is the 1st of a 3 part series on How to be a Better: Recruiter (Pt. 1); Boss (Pt. 2); Investor (Pt. 3).]

This article is a little off topic for Open Empire; I’ve written about this previously, but I’m going to add some new thoughts, and of course this time it’s part of a short series of connected articles.

To me the personnel, recruitment and HR industry does not function well … and there are many reasons for this, but I just want to talk about the solutions without too much discussion of the problems.

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Open Empire on “bounty hunters”, detectives, police and other “crime fighters”, plus the patriarchy.

The epic assaults being carried out against the vulnerable around the world at this very moment will determine the fate of our species and the living earth itself.

Source: Ushering in the Closing Chapter of the Human Species – by Kenn Orphan @

I read this article some time ago, and had made some comments which drew me back to the article, as others had liked those comments; in my revisit, I noticed some new comments by others which drew further replies from me, and that I thought I would share.

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