For those of you familiar with my writing, you’ll know I’m no fan of the status quo … but without the resources to push my own projects – provided on terms that do not undermine project objectives – I cannot proceed with those projects with any degree / probability of success.

So I am switching tactics, and aside from continuing my project writing, I’d like to put the following offer – and background – on the table:

  • the world has some extremely serious economic, social, political & environmental issues;
  • the usual methods of problem solving aren’t working, providing inadequate reforms of scale & scope at best;
  • the usual methods won’t work beyond a threshold range of possibility, as they are tied to the causation;

… now …

  • your business may have nothing whatsoever to do with trying to solve the world’s problems;
  • all I ask is that:
    1. you & your business either be – or willing to become – ecologically & socially friendly & sustainable;
    2. you & your business – and business network – do no harm to innocents, or wish to cease doing harm;
    3. you take me on with the understanding that my role, resources & authority to act within the terms of our business arrangement, allows me to act on your behalf & the behalf of your business interests, both as I see fit, and in the manner I’m capable of doing when freed from the restraints of a narrowly defined job description;
  • in other words: you must see me as someone of intellect integrity knowledge & experience, which you trust enough to know that I will self-regulate without the need for anything more than clear communication & objective rationale;
  • other than that, I don’t care what it is that you do … I just need to be able to ethically justify putting myself wholly at the disposal of your interests; both for my own peace of mind, and for my own interests in doing so.

I have no interest in slaving away at a dead end career just to feather someone else’s nest, or to endure the frustration of working under management & policies that are often at best stupid if not insane … so any rules I’m expected to adhere to, should be presented as guidelines with reasons, and understood that on the one hand, while I will try to adhere to that which is reasonable & well explained, on the other hand I bear no responsibility for the failure of others to argue the case for any guidelines with clarity, nor for any unforeseen circumstances where such guidelines must be broken in order to minimise harm to innocent parties.

If you can handle the above, you just might be a leader worthy of respect whom I can follow & serve … feel free to contact me, and we can negotiate how I can be of service.

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