Update: April 10th 2017 – wiki.open-empire.org started

On the main page of this blog, you’ll see a few terms are now highlighted with an underline, and if you hover the cursor over then you’ll see a tooltip telling you that the term underlined has a wiki page ( which will open in a new tab if you click it ).

You can also go directly to this site using the subdomain URL: wiki.open-empire.org

I haven’t crested many entries yet, but I’m going to start defining some simple lay-person’s understandings of the concepts used across the website. Continue reading “Update: April 10th 2017 – wiki.open-empire.org started”

Thought for the Day: the exception paradox and conflict resolution

A very handy piece of wisdom I have gone by for years is “the exception paradox”, which states:

” … if for every rule there is at least one exception, then the exception to this one being that it has no exception … “

Like many other such gems, it can be applied in many ways, and I’m going to share with you in this article one of the ways I use it. Continue reading “Thought for the Day: the exception paradox and conflict resolution”

Thought for the Day: language and semantics

Apologies if anyone tried to read the first link ( I hit post by accident ), this is now the real thing *ahem* … so without any further ado, let’s get cracking.

In my life experience the greatest cause of arguments I have seen ( by far ) is misunderstanding, and it seems apparent to me that the most common cause of this, is the lazy and incorrect use of language. For which reason I’ve started to put some definitions of terms into the wiki.open-empire.org subdomain ( though so far this is only a handful of terms relating to economics ) … but I wanted today to share with you my thoughts on language, the failure of online dictionaries, and people’s common misuse, misunderstanding, and lack of concern about how they use language. Continue reading “Thought for the Day: language and semantics”

Update: April 4th 2017 – what remains of my things after cyclone Debbie

The 2 tool boxes, the plastic tub, the carboard box, the shopping bag, the smaller backpack behind it ( the big backpack is someone else’s ), and the travel bag underneath it are mine … I’m not sure what’s salvageable from that, very little will be worth the cost of transporting elsewhere.

Continue reading “Update: April 4th 2017 – what remains of my things after cyclone Debbie”

Trickle-Down Economics: aka “pissing on your head and telling you it’s raining”

It’s astounding, but people today – despite everything they’ve seen – are still brainwashed by this idea, many of them even think they’re against it, state their opposition to it, then immediately afterwards demonstrate their support of it without realising they’ve done so … and that’s a pretty scary level of brainwashing. Continue reading “Trickle-Down Economics: aka “pissing on your head and telling you it’s raining””