Update: April 10th 2017 – wiki.open-empire.org started

On the main page of this blog, you’ll see a few terms are now highlighted with an underline, and if you hover the cursor over then you’ll see a tooltip telling you that the term underlined has a wiki page ( which will open in a new tab if you click it ).

You can also go directly to this site using the subdomain URL: wiki.open-empire.org

I haven’t crested many entries yet, but I’m going to start defining some simple lay-person’s understandings of the concepts used across the website.

If for example you were to go to Wikipedia and lookup the term “economics”, you’d probably get an extremely long page of drivel designed to bamboozle you into thinking economics is some kind of science ( which any scientist worth their boots will tell you is a fucking joke ) … but if you search for that term on my wiki, you’ll get this: [wiki base=”EN-OEF”]economics[/wiki] extremely user friendly generic definition of the term, and other related terms like [wiki base=”EN-OEF”]asset[/wiki] [wiki base=”EN-OEF”]capital[/wiki] [wiki base=”EN-OEF”]capitalism[/wiki] and others have also been defined.

One term I will get around to very soon is thermodynamics and the related concepts of energy emergy entropy transformity and so on … because the full Wikipedia definitions and discussions of these terms might be a bit beyond a lot of people to grasp, but also because I like to think about thermodynamics in a bit of a different way than perhaps you’d be used to hearing even if you are intimately familiar with these terms and the science behind them.

So there’s not a huge amount there yet, and some of the links for definitions have been created, but not the content, so just keep an eye out and I’ll be adding to it over time.

if there’s any terminology you don’t understand, please write to me and I’ll be happy to add it to the wiki.

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