Update: April 19th 2017 – plugin development

It seems that I’ve come to a point in this blog where I can either:

  1. Keep rewriting old and publishing new posts, but which ultimately just better explain what I’ve already written, and very slowly add new detail to it … OR;
  2. Develop new software to help me present greater detail and offer new functionality.

I can’t realistically do much of both, because option B takes a lot more effort than A, so doing B requires that I do very little of A … if I had more resources this would be different, because I could hire others, but as things stand I have to do everything myself.

So I’m going to start developing a WordPress plugin for a particular item of content because I haven’t found anything that does exactly what I want

If there’s any JavaScript / PHP / SQL developers out there who would like to help, please feel free to write to me.

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