Australian citizen up for adoption

I was born in Australia … but to be honest there’s something(s) about it I’ve never really liked. That was ok at first because like everyone else, I was ignorant to the truth of my own country, and the good parts made up for the bad (most of which I was blissfully unaware of).

But this is no longer the case, and no longer good enough anyway. Although I hate to leave, because the countryside itself is beautiful, I just seriously doubt Australia will ever appreciate & support me properly, as it has utterly failed me to date. To be honest I have doubts about this entire planet, but I haven’t met any aliens I’m aware of who can take me somewhere less insane.

Anyway, so I thought I’d offer myself for adoption … here’s what’s on offer: Continue reading “Australian citizen up for adoption”

Making society beautiful

What is the goal of any “system”?

What is the goal of the capitalist economic system?

The status quo claims it is about “profit” … but what is profit?

  • Is it profitable to cause the extinction of countless species?
  • Is it profitable pollute the air water and soil on which all life depends?
  • Is it profitable to lose the creative potential of billions of people to meaningless drudgery, poverty and other unnecessary suffering?

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Australian Apathy

I was just walking the dogs & had a moment to gauge the reaction of a stranger to the notion that we need non-currency based economics, and while he acknowledged yes, he said we need to be there in 30 years … so I couldn’t help wondering: “what fucking planet are you on?” … we don’t have 30 years we need to be well on the way yesterday, but failing that (as we’ve done), well on the way in 5 not 30 … this is urgent! Continue reading “Australian Apathy”