Making society beautiful

What is the goal of any “system”?

What is the goal of the capitalist economic system?

The status quo claims it is about “profit” … but what is profit?

  • Is it profitable to cause the extinction of countless species?
  • Is it profitable pollute the air water and soil on which all life depends?
  • Is it profitable to lose the creative potential of billions of people to meaningless drudgery, poverty and other unnecessary suffering?

… because these are the achievements of capitalism, and I have to say for a system with so much unprecedented global control, these results are underwhelming at best; in fact to call them underwhelming is to be far too generous to be reasonable. So the term “profit” as defined by the property/trade/currency-based economic paradigm is an oxymoron, and an extremely foolish one at that (to say the very least).

Is the creation and support of beauty profitable? Well you’d hope so wouldn’t you … but it seems the status quo disagrees, and in its delusion thinks that its abusive, destructive and exploitative society is beautiful.

Why does our economic paradigm create so much destruction and so little beauty?

Simple: it’s insane.

This system is based on flawed ideas, and those in power either don’t appreciate, do not know how, or haven’t the capacity / interest (for some other reason) to change it.

Open Empire delivers beauty:

The Open Empire system is based not on the principles of consumption, debt, growth etc., but instead on the notion that:

  1. we ONLY have to compete for those resources that are actually scarce and that we actually want;
  2. THEREFORE we only need a system to determine how to distribute such scarce resources;
  3. the reduction of scarcity thus reduces the need to make such decisions of allocation;
  4. THUS such reduction constitutes an action meritorious of receipt of such scarce resources;
  5. THEREFORE stopping the destruction of our beautiful ecosystems is meritorious as it ceases the creation of new scarcity AND because it preserves beauty WHICH IS ITSELF A RESOURCE;
  6. AND a person only needs to do enough in life to justify access to those scarce resources they actually want;
  7. RESULTING in a system which motivates & requires us to take responsibility for the consequences of our actions, and thus to reduce unnecessary consumption and harm;

I could keep going but you should get the point by now … this is the vast difference with non-property/trade/currency-based economics and non-species-biased law.

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