Inherited Hunger Theorem: a hypothesis on the genetic deficiency of white people [updated]

UPDATE: I’ve just thought to add a new set of comments which is marked ‘[update]’ below.

Ok, I admit it, that title was partly click bait, but it’s also quite a serious proposition, and; I admit also, an intentional action to rattle the cages of any of my fellow “white people” whom have chosen bigotry is as their life philosophy. Continue reading “Inherited Hunger Theorem: a hypothesis on the genetic deficiency of white people [updated]”

What is “human nature”

I’ve been discussing this with a friend in social media, and I thought it was relevant to the concept of Open Empire, because it relates to the reasons why some people cannot shift their thinking and respond to the proposal with invalid arguments which they claim make OE impossible … but such is not the case at all, and far from proving their claim, all they’ve done is fail to contemplate because their existing belief paradigm is an assertion which they claim to be universal & thus a “deal-killer” so to speak. Continue reading “What is “human nature””

An Open Empire perspective on democracy and law

DISCLAIMER: Please note at the outset that while on the one hand I have both formally & informally studied some law, I do not have a law degree, I am not a lawyer, and I’m not professing to be a legal expert. So this information is provided to stimulate thought & discussion, but should not be solely relied upon as legal advice, especially given the present corruption & dysfunction of the legal system in many if not most countries. I did ask a friend with legal experience to proofread, but unfortunately he didn’t have the time, so please excuse any inaccuracies in this … the general points are however I think quite validly argued even if such inaccuracies exist. Continue reading “An Open Empire perspective on democracy and law”

We MUST green the deserts now.

If you look at all the climate models regarding global warming, you see a trend of desertification … but why is this? Just because it’s getting warmer? Are there no other factors?

To a lot of people this question is puzzling because the unspoken question is: but if more heat equals more water evaporating, doesn’t that mean more clouds & rainfall?

To find the answer, let’s look back in the earth’s history a few billion years. Continue reading “We MUST green the deserts now.”