Inherited Hunger Theorem: a hypothesis on the genetic deficiency of white people [updated]

UPDATE: I’ve just thought to add a new set of comments which is marked ‘[update]’ below.

Ok, I admit it, that title was partly click bait, but it’s also quite a serious proposition, and; I admit also, an intentional action to rattle the cages of any of my fellow “white people” whom have chosen bigotry is as their life philosophy.

I say “chosen”, because even if you were brainwashed into it, you really have little or no excuse keeping it past about your mid-20s, when you’re well old enough to know better (early 30s at the absolute latest). I don’t care how pervasive the culture you grew up in, there’s plenty of information and reason to drop the bigotry, so you can’t argue it’s anything other than cowardice towards peer pressure & wilful ignorance of the facts. However, there is ironically one exception to that which relates to this hypothesis, but I’ll get into that later … for now, grow the fuck up and hug someone from a different culture.

NOW … the hypothesis, which I will call:

Inherited hunger theorem.


  1. There exists in humans (& possibly other mammals I’m not sure) a DNA repair process which requires part of the blue light spectrum in order to function. The precise properties (wavelength / EMF signature etc.) of this spectrum of blue light allows for the repair of a certain type of genetic damage to take place;
  2. If this is true of human beings, then it is likely also true (or a similar process involving some other spectrum of light) for all other living things which have DNA repair systems, and which very likely includes most (if not all) complex multicellular life (both plants and animals);
  3. There also exists symbiotic relationships within the ecosystems between these species, which has a significant impact on our evolution, particularly with regard to “biochemical services” between species, including (but not limited to) the consumption of other species (or parts of species, eg – fruit) as food;
  4. Therefore any impact on such processes within one species, is likely to have a flow on effect to other species;
  5. We also know vitamin D synthesis requires sunlight;
  6. We also know the availability of various nutrients is dependent on the aforementioned biochemical services provided by other species, for example: the relationship between water ionisation of minerals, the soil biome and plant roots;
  7. Finally, we know that nutritional deficiency (and other non-genetic circumstances) can be passed on to offspring, ie – all genetics is hereditary, but not all that is hereditary is genetic;


So image the following scenario:

  • An iceage has occurred at some stage in the distant past;
  • Those away from the equator now suffer massive food shortages;
  • The availability of the gamut of nutrients has shrunk dramatically away from the equator as plants die;
  • The body’s hunger mechanism kicks in, seeking those missing nutrients, and driving a desperate search for them;
  • Pigmentation in skin is lost to conserve the nutrients required to produce it, also since it is no longer as important;
  • Early humanoids or our other primate ancestors in such circumstances which are capable of utilising tools, first develop thick clothing to cope with the cold;
  • Vitamin D deficiency becomes more commonplace;
  • Other nutritional deficiency becomes more commonplace;
  • The blue light spectrum DNA repair mechanism is now less effective in both the absence of as much sunlight, in the presence of thick protective clothing, and from increased time spent in shelters from the elements;

RESULT: White man is born … pale skin, nutritional deficiency, DNA damage passed on, and associated aggression & deceptiveness develops as a coping mechanism in order to compete with others for those scarce nutrients. Over the generations as the iceage passes, perhaps the genetic / nutritional deficiency disorder has resolved, but the behavioural patterns could be nonetheless entrenched.

POSSIBLE EXCEPTION: As I said at the outset there is an ironic excuse for bigotry built into this hypothesis, which is that perhaps the behaviour is so ingrained over the generations, that it has itself formed genetic markers. It is possible this could be further entrenched across all “races” (fuck I hate that meaningless term), from the global history of conflict between tribes & cultures over the ages (regardless of the climate), which again is aggression driven by a hunger for nutrients & other resources … BUT ever since the agricultural & industrial revolutions, there’s been less & less excuse for this, and the only excuse left is that such nutritional, genetic & behavioural deficiencies/issues can be inherited, thus causing the inheritance of the hunger & associated behaviour.


Now don’t get your knickers in a twist, im not proposing that I believe this to be true, merely proposing it as a general hypothesis for contemplation, consideration & research if anyone thinks it has legs (just credit me as the originator of the idea). However I do think the hypothesis is at least a potentially valid & sound general argument, even if it turns out to be incorrect in the assumptions & conclusion … but there you go.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this, please show it to your least psychologically mature and secure in themselves white person, and possibly video & post the results below … if the person doesn’t react badly, you know they have a sense of humour about themselves.

[update]: so in other words as summary:

  • Nature abhors a vacuum;
  • A pressure differential is a partial or ‘relative’ vacuum in this context, behaving the same way;
  • A nutritional deficiency is a pressure differential / vacuum causing hunger;
  • A sustained nutritional deficiency beyond a critical threshold can cause a dysfunction;
  • A dysfunction (genetic or otherwise) can be inherited;
  • A sustained inherited dysfunction can become genetic if not at first;
  • Thus a hunger (your nature abhorring the nutritional vacuum) can be inherited.

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