Update regarding book 1 of series

Apologies for the ongoing delays in completing book one, but this latest round of drafts is a little like starting from scratch with a whole new central focus to bring it all into context. The general subject of the book is the same, but the style is entirely different ( having gotten some things off my chest in the first few rounds of drafts, which I can now throw in the trash where they belong ).

The first few chapters of part one have been quite difficult to establish, as they’re the basis for everything that follows, and so I need to get them exactly right, or as near to that as possible, and I’ve been carrying around multiple prior drafts with notes scribbled all over them, plus additional notes written on other pieces of paper — gradually sorting, editing, and incorporating all these things into the new draft.

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Comments on “Decarbonisation is flawed” article via Eco-Business Asia Pacific

My comments on this article:

I think the thing he misses, is that even when you have government regulation, what is the underlying economic paradigm motivating these corporations to do? That’s right: circumvent, undermine, avoid, corrupt, deceive, or control the regulations and regulators … no matter what regulations you put in place, no natter which parts of the economy you apply them to, and no matter how you apply them, you will never change this fact, without changing the economic paradigm itself.

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Product Review: Windows 10 [ updated, AGAIN! ]

[ SECOND EDIT ] Just a day later, as if someone at Microsoft had read my article and thought to themselves “you think that’s crap? Check this out!” ( see bottom of article ).

[ FIRST EDIT ] Since writing this only a few hours ago, a few other things came to my attention, which I’ve added at the end

I’m writing this out of sheer frustration with an operating system that is actually a devolution, not an evolution in software design and programming. Windows 10 is still, after more than 3 years — on top of its rushed and hasty ‘development’, if you can call it that at all — an operating system barely worthy of the title “beta-release”, and is without question, a backward step in several respects from Windows 7 ( ie: it is a downgrade, not an upgrade ).

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Using nukes to stop an NEO impact ( the correct way )

I’ve been watching episodes of a TV show called Salvation on Netflix, which is basically the story of a desperate attempt to save Earth from an extinction level NEO ( Near Earth Object ) — aka asteroid — impact.

In the final episode of series 2, after everything else has gone wrong already, the main protagonist of the story ( Darius Tanz ) is trying to explain to The White House the dangers of fragmenting the asteroid by using nukes — ie: a last resort effort to save the planet — being that it just turns one large impact into many large impacts, and has a greater chance of wiping out all life ( as there’s no longer anywhere to hide ).

I suddenly realised that there is a correct way to use nukes to defend the planet …

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