Comments on “Decarbonisation is flawed” article via Eco-Business Asia Pacific

My comments on this article:

I think the thing he misses, is that even when you have government regulation, what is the underlying economic paradigm motivating these corporations to do? That’s right: circumvent, undermine, avoid, corrupt, deceive, or control the regulations and regulators … no matter what regulations you put in place, no natter which parts of the economy you apply them to, and no matter how you apply them, you will never change this fact, without changing the economic paradigm itself.

This is both irrefutable, and self-evidently true — if you disagree, I’d suggest either you do not understand the nature of the underlying paradigm, or you are seeing things with a severe confirmation bias.

Narcissists, psychopaths, and sociopaths all exist, and when they control the reigns of power, they steer everything blindly towards chaos and destruction, as they are creatively educationally experientially intellectually psychologically and sociologically deficient … not only do they not fully or significantly grasp the error of their ways, but they wouldn’t care if they did, because they’re damaged and dysfunctional.

THEREFORE if your economic paradigm cannot cope with the existence of such people, and you’re not committed to eradicating them at all costs, it will always fall into decline … and the only other option aside from eradication, is to change the economic paradigm to one that is not flawed in this way, and which can handle the existence of such people, effectively keeping them under control.

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