Flaws of Capitalism: redundant professions

As I walked home from the cafe where I sometimes go to do writing, I saw a tradesman’s car signage, and which stimulated the thought for this article.

How many houses exist in all the cities of the world? Many millions right? Of those houses in the wealthier cities, how many of them have roof guttering that collects leaves and other things that need to be cleared out so that the guttering doesn’t overflow into the ceiling or wall cavities, and doesn’t rust through? Of those houses, how many are owned &/or occupied by people unable ( or unwilling ) to get up and clear them from time to time? Well … enough to keep some roof guttering guys in work anyway. Continue reading “Flaws of Capitalism: redundant professions”

Status update – June 17th 2017: Book Manuscript

I’ve started writing a book on this work, which comprises both some relevant history and science very different than you would have seen from groups like The Venus Project, The Zeitgeist Movement, or anyone else. The book then progresses from that background material into an analysis of the current state of the world, arguments for how the past got us to the present, and why. Then finally the book goes into detail of the vision, transition strategy, systems, and predictions for a proposed hypothetical future if we follow this roadmap. Continue reading “Status update – June 17th 2017: Book Manuscript”

Mining in the future

I’m sure many of you are concerned about the impact of mining on ecology, but like myself many of you may also be fans of technology, and others might read this out of scepticism for the idea that there’s any truly sustainable and ecologically friendly way to conduct mining operations.

So this article is for the purpose of laying out a hypothetical extrapolation as to how the Open Empire framework might deal with the need for minerals in the future. Continue reading “Mining in the future”