Past crowdfunding donors – please note

Hi everyone,

When I made my past attempts at crowdfunding I didn’t have the resources to do a very good job of it ( I still don’t ), and it didn’t make much difference except to take a small amount of pressure off my shoulders over a few months … but appreciated nonetheless.

I have memory only of the bigger few donors, and with any luck I can match donations to the crowdfunding history … but I was wondering if those of you out there who did donate could write to me using the info@ address for this site ( ), preferably from the email address connected to that donation, and especially – if possible – you could list the donation amount and date of donation, so that I can hopefully match it against records elsewhere … because I want to eventually ( assuming everything goes ahead some day ) reward these people in at least some small way, and the system used by the crowdfunding didn’t really generate brilliant records or make it easy to cease the campaign without losing info – so it’s going to take me some time to piece it together, and your assistance will help.

So if you were one of those few donors, please write to me with that information plus your name so that I can create an excel spreadsheet for my records and later use.

Regards and thanks to all.

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