Capitalism: the junkie needs an intervention

Capitalism is like a junkie silently screaming: “PLEASE HELP ME! I CAN’T STOP!” – and I say silently screaming, because on the surface it still refuses to admit it has a problem; but the truth is getting even worse than that, and more like the serial killer saying: “someone stop me, because I’m going to keep killing”.

This is a sad truth, but it is nonetheless a truth.

Capitalism promised the paperless office, and technology delivered the means to do it, but capitalism refused to put up the funds required to take advantage of that opportunity ( except perhaps in a few rare cases ). It promised abundance for all, and technology delivered the means to achieve that too, but capitalism again refused to foot the bill required to deliver that potential. Technology has also delivered the capacity for a sustainable world, but again capitalism will not front the money.

What is wrong with this picture? Wherever you look, we have the technological capacity to do much better, but we do not, and the only reason we don’t, is because the purse strings are held tightly by a few few, and their ideology and objectives set the agenda, which includes brainwashing the masses and bribing politicians and judges, in order to manufacture political consent.

This situation is called “entrenched”; the system that created it cannot solve it, and therefore we need an intervention ( aka revolution ).

So the question is:

how do you create a revolution under these circumstances that is actually capable of succeeding?

The answer to which is this:

  • To avoid unnecessary conflict with the status quo, one must interface to it
  • To avoid that interface undermining your objectives, it requires a buffer
  • For the buffer to be effective, it requires an interface to an external jurisdiction
  • This external jurisdiction to the status quo, is one of self-sovereignty for the alternative
  • To justify such self-sovereignty, one must provide an undeniable logical rationale
  • To bypass the need for popular consensus, it must provide needs fulfilment
  • To bypass becoming subject to the status quo, requires decentralised systems
  • This alternative must be infinitely adaptive, anarchic, and self-evolving
  • To become self-evolving will take time, so it needs an additional transition strategy
  • This additional transition strategy must remain secret, as it constitutes a vulnerability until complete
  • Therefore as the systems of this alternative become open-sourced, the secret remains apart from the rest

There are many things I must for now keep secret, but in my upcoming book I will reveal more than has been detailed in everything I’ve written to date.

There is a way out of this mess we are in, but I need your trust and support to achieve it.

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