Perceived vs. inherent “value”

When we use the word “value” in an economic sense, there’s typically 2 context in which we’ll be using the word:

  1. This <item> has this $<amount> “value”, or;
  2. This $<discount> or $<price> is great “value”.

… but these are both perceived values, and thus they differ from person to person; they’re nothing inherent about the nature of the item, they’re just artificially & arbitrarily attached numbers connected to pretty much nothing whatsoever. Continue reading “Perceived vs. inherent “value””

What is the deal with all the crap customer service?

I’ve experienced something repeatedly, I’m hoping some of you can relate, and others will take note … particularly those in the position to change things. This thing, is poor customer service, and it is notorious in the IT sector particularly but not exclusively … So I’m going to explain an example which to me typifies the problem. Continue reading “What is the deal with all the crap customer service?”

Survival, Polarisation, Extinction and Alternative 3

Why does conflict occur?

Image an intense debate between two diametrically opposed viewpoints, where the vast majority of people fit into one of two major camps. This is called a polarised debate.

We usually refer to a bi-polar or dualism as the default polarisation, between two camps … though it’s entirely possible to have a 3-way split or even greater division. But however many divisions exist, psychological and sociological studies show, that people will tend to gravitate towards the most extreme of all viewpoints (hence the polarisation of the debate). Continue reading “Survival, Polarisation, Extinction and Alternative 3”

The stupidest expectation I keep hearing [rant]

When telling some people about my work on Open Empire, the same thing comes up again and again … and it just makes me wonder:

“before you asked me this, did you listen to one single word I already just said only moments ago?”

It would seem to be a no-brainer as to why these questions and expectations are unreasonable and stupid … and yet, people keep doing it … so I won’t keep you in suspense any longer, I’ll tell you what it is. Continue reading “The stupidest expectation I keep hearing [rant]”

Hypothetical set: extinction probability

Question 1:

If you were a narcissistic psychopathic sociopathic and unscrupulous billionaire, with a vested interest in an industry causing massive catastrophic ecological consequences, that industry could not be reformed (because the flaw was fundamental to everything about it), you had no control over the alternative technologies, and there was enormous amount of social pressure to ban your industry … what might you do? Continue reading “Hypothetical set: extinction probability”