Eco-Social Anarchy: non-species-biased and self-enforced justice

Anarchy is NOT chaos:

There’s a consistent lie repeated through history in the propaganda of society, that anarchy causes &/or is synonymous with chaos and disorder … which is complete bullshit of course, but that doesn’t stop people believing it.

The truth is that anarchy merely means no rulers, it does not equate necessarily to no rules … simply that any rules are neither decided nor enforced by any hierarchical governing power. But the failure to understand how such rules could possibly have any effectiveness, is a failure only of imagination and understanding.

Human nature is NOT violent self-interest:

Alongside misrepresentations of anarchy, is the mistaken view that “human nature” is to be violent and selfish, which is how they justify a simplistic appraisal of anarchy (even if we ignore the outright lie about the meaning of the word itself).

What most people think of as human nature, is not human nature itself, but merely a set of possible responses of human nature to a given set of conditions … a set of conditions which people assume to be immutable &/or inevitable … but they’re also only one of many possible such sets of responses to those conditions, and by no means any kind of representation of a certain or inevitable response to an inevitable situation, derived from anything fundamental about being a human being (in terms of the root behavioural psychology of our species) … and so:

  • if you change the conditions, you change the behaviour;
  • therefore: you’re looking at the symptoms only, not the root cause, nor mechanics of the situation.

If human nature was what most people thought it was, then you’d have to explain a hell of a lot of aliens on the planet who do not adhere to your paradigm (without you first forcing them into such circumstances as to make it true), yet whom appear on the surface to be remarkably human-like … and given the opportunity and resources to do otherwise, almost everyone chooses to do otherwise, from this paradigm of violent self-interest … therefore you cannot possibly be correct.

Eco-social Anarchy and Enlightened Self-interest:

If you ask anyone the question: “what do you want in life?”, you’ll likely get a response something like this:

  1. To be happy and healthy;
  2. To have lots of great friends;
  3. To have the time and other resources I need to pursue my interests;
  4. To support my family and other loved ones;
  5. To suffer neither pain nor depression;
  6. For my loved ones to suffer neither pain nor depression.

… and no matter what else anyone might add to that list, it could probably be encapsulated by those general areas … ESPECIALLY if we were to first frame the question by stating the hypothetical scenario:

“imagine if there were no restrictions imposed by a property based economic paradigm, there was no trade or currency, and everyone just contributed what they could … so you didn’t have to work all day at a job you hate, there was no ruling class of bankers or other self-proclaimed elite … and so long as you contributed significantly in some way, you could pretty much have what you want, and you had a lot more time to enjoy it too”

Under which circumstances, people have no reason to want for power, or the hoarding of riches … unless of course they’re completely deranged … and therein lies the problem, because some people are exactly that, and they’ve created a system that nurtures that kind of psychosis.

So that is what eco-social anarchy is about … creating a framework for the nurturing of enlightened self-interest, by first understanding the most fundamental motivations behind all other motivations, and then applying this understanding to the quantification of the ecological and social consequences of the interaction of things of all kinds.

Self & collective enforcement / regulation, without hierarchical authority:

Presently human beings are universally governed by some primary motivations, which arise from our evolutionary biology, from the environmental conditions in which we evolved, and the changes in those conditions over time through to the present day … including our interactions with other sentient and non-sentient individuals (or groups) of all species we encounter, including other humans. These motivations include:

  • Thirst;
  • Hunger;
  • Breathing;
  • Warmth;
  • Shelter;
  • Pleasure;
  • Pain;
  • Stimulation;
  • Interaction;
  • Love;
  • Affection;

… and so on.

Our present economic paradigm has been (largely intentionally) designed as a manipulation of these and many other specific or general motivations, along with the artificial creation of new derivative motivations based on these more fundamental ones. This is combined with extremely sophisticated methods of brainwashing and indoctrination, such that even many of the echelons of the “ruling class” or “elite” (which I have to put in quotes, because of what a fucking joke it is to think of these intellectually crippled arseholes being specialists in anything other than incompetence or being an arsehole), have effectively drunk their own cool-aid, and believe the same or similar crap themselves (hence the mention in my previous article about the entrenchment of delusion).

But self-regulation is vastly more efficient and productive, when instead of being based on brainwashing into delusional belief paradigms to ensure compliance, or based on fear … it is based on a rational approach to what is ultimately in everyone’s individual and collective interests (regardless of species), plus verifiable by logic maths and science that is independent of perspectives and agendas.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I am not claiming here that all science is so independent, as I’m well aware of how corrupt some of it is … I’m referring to a hypothetical scenario where it was held to be independent of such things.

Imagine for example:

  • You wake in the morning every day, you grow a few veggies and have some fruit trees at home, but you don’t grow enough, and can neither be bothered with the effort to grow more, nor to engage in things like the baking of bread;
  • So you’ve got some food, but you have to travel to a local market to get more variety and quantity;
  • Since food as actually relatively easy to grow and produce, there’s plenty of people with the skills and interest to do it, either because they enjoy it, or because it’s an easy need to fill, with positive social consequences, and which in turn adds merit to your subsequent case when applying for access to resources that are not so abundant;
  • So you go to the market, it’s a great social atmosphere, and since most things are in reasonably abundant supply, you take what you need for yourself and your family;
  • You’re motivated not to waste, as this has a set of negative consequences you’re responsible for, so you’re at least a little careful with your estimates, and the market producers are motivated to ensure the best possible distribution;
  • To aid the process of journaling the transaction (which is not a trade, merely a record of whom contributed and consumed what), someone has developed an app which allows you to share personal profile details quickly (in order to determine a good allocation, and thus assist in the prevention of scarcity);
  • In the absence of the app, market stalls may elect to ask you some quick questions from time to time, so they gradually get to know their customers’ respective needs, and thus plan their regular stall & distribution;
  • In the case of stalls with scarce produce, such an app is certainly helpful, but still not necessarily vital;
  • You return home from the market, and get on with your day … you didn’t have to negotiate price, because price no longer exists … you didn’t have to rush to get there between work hours, because unless the timing of some activity for a project you’re involved with (and which is entirely your own choice) is somehow critical to some deadline, you’re free to work or not work whatever hours you choose, so long as the collective choices made by yourself and others in your community does not cross some kind of threshold of laziness, where basic resources like food start becoming scarce … but such a level of laziness would have to be quite profound, given how easy it is to produce plenty for all with modern technology, and the lack of waste in this system;
  • Your day is basically free of a huge gamut of the stresses you’ve become accustomed to in today’s “reality”, because the causes of those stresses no longer exist … and since the foundational motivations of civilisation have fundamentally changed, your true “human nature” emerges … unassaulted by the present day proliferation of manipulative forces, which we’ve been subjected to over generations beyond all living and some written memory;
  • Your human nature and its subsequent responses are still occasionally triggered by the legacy of the status quo, but over successive years, decades, generations and centuries, that remnant of pain diminishes, and eventually asymptotes toward zero … as we experience both individual and cultural healing, on a scale as never seen before;
  • However: your human nature is now evolving again, and responding in a far less stressful and more harmonious manner to the varying stimuli and scenarios you’re exposed to;
  • No one is telling you what to do from any kind of regular hierarchical authority … instead: you’re motivated to assess both the positive and negative consequences of your actions from a non-species-biased and scientifically verifiable perspective … you’re motivated to seek assistance and counsel where the potential consequences are significant, &/or where your knowledge / understanding / experience is lacking … others are motivated to help you make the best decisions, increasingly so as the consequences become more significant … the system itself is motivated to assist you, and on terms that are tailored to your needs as best as possible … you can completely disregard all such advice if you wish, you simply have to accept the fact that every time you do so, the more significant the cumulative negative impact of doing so becomes, the more likely others will be motivated to say something, advise you to change, request that you change, demand that you change, attempt to force you to change, and eventually prevent you from continuing such behaviour … NOT because they’re any kind of elected or self-appointed “authority”, but simply because the consequences of your failures are now impacting others, and doing to to the degree that the quantification of those consequences has now grown to the point where, the consequences of a failure to act on their part, will result in something they are motivated not to accept.

NOW … if you read all the above carefully, what you’ll see is that on the one hand, yes you’re free to act as you please, and so is everyone else … we all share the common knowledge that the consequences of our actions may motivate others to stop us, and hence it is in our own best interests not to push those boundaries beyond what is reasonable … and thus hypocrisy, extreme narcissism, psychopathy and sociopathy are ultimately self & collectively regulated within the system, but without the need for actual laws or enforcement structures.

This has been covered to some degree in other recent articles if you want to look back through the archive.

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