What is the deal with all the crap customer service?

I’ve experienced something repeatedly, I’m hoping some of you can relate, and others will take note … particularly those in the position to change things. This thing, is poor customer service, and it is notorious in the IT sector particularly but not exclusively … So I’m going to explain an example which to me typifies the problem.

I’ve purchased a product (domain name) along with some related services from one company, and these services include the resale and configuration of products and services (email hosting) from a 2nd company, that can be applied to the original product.

Now … when these secondary products & services are delivered, the instructions to access them (from the 1st company) are vague, incomplete, and several parts just don’t work at all … So I (as a reasonably technically adept person), try several versions of their provided help, several other options, go hunting for additional online help (from the 2nd company), but nothing works.

So in frustration, I write to their support team, and then head back to trying to solve it myself … which I do. So I write to them again letting them know I’ve solved it (hours after the first contact), and yet I’ve still received nothing but the automated email response generated by the support request. So I additionally write to them with further feedback to help them improve their service, by letting them know that part of the problem is the lack of clarity / vagueness and incomplete nature of their instructions.

Later … when I finally get a reply, what does it say? Are they taking me seriously that they could possibly have missed any detail in their instructions? No … I get an insult: “we’re sorry you found it difficult to follow our instructions” (ie – our instructions are perfect, you must be stupid).

Well … listen up guys, that’s where you’re wrong … and since clearly you didn’t understand the general explanation of where your service fails, the last thing I’m going to do is provide you with more detail, especially not for free as I’d have done had you just showed some interest … but far from being interested, you didn’t even ask one single question.

I don’t think you’re qualified to call anyone stupid, if this is your approach to product support.

Yes I know you probably deal with a lot of frustrated and angry customers, and yes I know that’s probably not personally your fault … BUT let me tell you what is your fault: how the situation escalates – THAT is your fault – because if you took a moment to consider your words more carefully, to consider that maybe a customer might know something … Ok, perhaps not all customers would end up being right, but some of us are, and you miss out on that free advice because you just treat us all exactly the same.

It’s not that hard to write clear instructions.

It’s not that hard to incorporate better tips, help files and tutorials.

However somehow, so many of you just fuck it up every fucking time … how do you do that?

Is it perhaps because you’re too busy worrying about your bottom line, and you don’t see that by failing to hire someone who actually specialises in teaching and learning, by failing to design a multilayered approach, and by failing to invest in it seriously:

  1. You fail your own products and services;
  2. You fail your customers and staff;
  3. You fail your own company.

I cannot find a way to respect this … as your attitude is not worthy of respect, and I’ve had enough.

You want customers who aren’t angry, irate and frustrated making your life hell and costing your business? EARN IT!

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  1. many people struggle with identifying what potential customers demand and/or expect from offered services. this makes it easier for people who know what customer service is all about; then it is a matter of actually finding them! lately it’s beyond a joke. how hard could it be. perhaps I am expecting too much from people who have no passion OR have no understanding of customer relations. it must be frustrating…?

    1. I think the problem often comes from the fact that such a poor job is done with training, system design, policy / procedure, documentation & other self-help resources … for the simple reason it all costs money to develop, and the people with their hands on the purse strings are fucking single minded morons who can’t see past a balance sheet.

  2. i understood you completely. don’t mind me. i sell flowers for a living in markets so customer relations is what i do as a passion. the money side of it is survival in this warped world we live in. perhaps I expect too much. you can obviously see many flaws. it must frustrate you. greed leads to shortcuts. if you do as you write then the experience should be as expected. i can see your point now. sorry for my babbling

    1. No that’s fine, I just struggle sometimes when people wax-poetical on me & I don’t know what’s inside their head that helps translate the words into what they’re trying to get at … sometimes I can, but it usually takes knowing the person directly before I’m able to get it

      1. of course. forgive me. here’s hoping you do one day. we are only far in our travels and that might seem far if you pay attention to mathematical time. i am doing it again lol

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