Status update – June 17th 2017: Book Manuscript

I’ve started writing a book on this work, which comprises both some relevant history and science very different than you would have seen from groups like The Venus Project, The Zeitgeist Movement, or anyone else. The book then progresses from that background material into an analysis of the current state of the world, arguments for how the past got us to the present, and why. Then finally the book goes into detail of the vision, transition strategy, systems, and predictions for a proposed hypothetical future if we follow this roadmap.

There are quite a lot of details I won’t be sharing at this stage ( for a number of reasons ), but it will be well more and coherently integrated versus what is on the website. So far I’ve written about 30,000 words, and have a planned structure for the rest – the book being in 3 parts. So on that basis I’m estimating at this point that the completed work will be somewhere in the range of maybe 800 – 1000 pages, but that remains to be seen as things develop.

I’ve been trying to live on a budget of nothing, because I desperately need to replace the old laptop ( the CPU is flawed, it’s too slow for some of the things I want to do, it’s already had the GPU replaced, and it’s getting glitchy in other ways too ). But of course spending nothing and going nowhere drives me cabin crazy, and doesn’t help the depression, so I walk up the street from time to time for both the exercise, coffee, the occasional meal, and for the social aspect of getting out of the house – it’s money I shouldn’t spend, but the difference in cost between eating at home and going out now and then, is worth it for my sanity.

There’s other equipment I need, there’s other services I need ( not the least of which is regular musculoskeletal rehab therapy ), and my hope is this book will generate enough interest, revenue from sales, plus further donations and sponsorships via PayPal & Patreon, in order to keep me going towards both developing this website, and building / testing a rudimentary prototype of the Project Collaboration Development & Resource Allocation Framework that is central to the strategy of the OEF vision.

I can’t say how long it will take me to complete this book, nor what it will take to go from writing and editing into publishing, but I certainly hope it will be well before the end of the year … so I hope this update will generate some interest in those of you whom have been keen to hear more of the details.

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