Update – Saturday July 15th 2017: book manuscript 1st draft

Just a quick update. I’ve passed the 40,000 word mark as I continue editing the remainder of the 1st draft of part 2 of the book. So in a few more days I’m guessing I will be somewhere between 50,000 and 75,000 words as I head on to parts 3 and 4.

It’s interesting that in the course of doing little bits of research here and there to be sure of things that I’m writing, I’ve managed to make some additional discoveries and revelations – such as: I’d never quite previously grasped quantum mechanics and entanglement etc., but an article I read for my research got me thinking of it graphically in a certain way, and a lot of the pieces I’d learned but not quite previously understood, just suddenly fell into place.

If anyone knows a publisher who may be willing to take on a book ( including diagrams ) on this topic, of somewhere between 200,000 and 500,000 words when completed, please send them in my direction.

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