Update – July 30th 2017: AAAARRRRGGGGGHHHH!!!!

Oh fuck, such is life eh?

You struggle for 2 years trying to save on a budget of nothing, by going without even more of the basic essentials than you usually have to do anyway:

  • not replacing clothing unless it’s the last thing of that kind you had, you can’t live without it, and thus you have no choice but to sacrifice other stuff so that you can afford to replace it;
  • barely ever going out and doing anything, so you’ve got no social life of any kind;
  • having to spend money you can’t afford to spend because the dogs you love are sick and injured, and so your help is needed to care for them in their recovery ( and it’s the only opportunity you’ve had to see them );
  • then you lose all your stuff in the floods with the only upside being that while you can never replace what you lost, and even though it was uninsured ( because you couldn’t afford insurance ), the government has provided a small amount of compensation ( because it’s expected of them, they don’t actually care ), but at least you get a boost to the saving …
  • … and then finally 2 years later you get to replace your old laptop …

… BUT …

  • the external DVD/BluRay doesnt arrive so you cant install the OS as you were expecting;
  • it turns out the OS developer ( Microsoft ) is again trying to force people to upgrade by working with manufacturers to stop people installing Windows 7 ( even though it’s still a perfectly good operating system ), so you can’t install it from USB either, because even the work-arounds people have posted online aren’t working;
  • BUT THEN you find an even better work around which would give you the ideal system;
  • UNFORTUNATELY it requires you to have another $1000 or so that you don’t have, because you can’t do it on a laptop without extra bits …
  • … AND SO you’re looking at several months more waiting to get the damn thing doing what you want it to do, including a huge learning curve about things that are in some regards great skills to learn, but mostly ( at the moment ) just another set of distractions from what you’re trying to get done.

This is what rich people don’t understand … everything – every single action of every single day – is harder, more expensive, and more time consuming when you’re poor, and there’s serious limits to what you can afford to do at all.

Grumble grumble grumble fuckety fuck … 

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