MY DREAM – if I had the money to do it

If I had the money, I’d do the following:

  • Buy acreage, preferably with a combination of flat lands, mountains, and valleys on the one property
  • Revegetate natural habitat that had been previously cleared
  • Use existing structures and new structures on already cleared land, while working on systems to build underground and tree-houses, along with living structures, such as to maximise habitat for other species, so this land would function as both human and natural habitat simultaneously
  • Set up a free / subsidised veterinary clinic and surgery for the local community, for both domesticated and wild species
  • Set up permaculture based gardens and orchards to make the property self-sustaining in terms of food, and within those gardens / orchards, I’d construct stone and wood corridors for small mammals, reptiles, and amphibians, such as to allow them to remain hidden from predatory birds to some degree and thus support their numbers … which would support the food production by providing natural predators of insects, without the need for pesticides, such as the insects can still operate as pollinators but remain in managed populations
  • These stone structures would also surround the trunk of some trees, with small built in water catchments, designed to catch rainfall coming down the tree, such that frogs can use them as protected breeding spots against cane toads ( which can’t climb – and fortunately the frogs mature faster and eat the cane toad tadpoles, so a higher frog population can keep down cane toad numbers if you protect the frogs )
  • Create dirty creative workshops for wood, stone, clay, glass, metal, paint, and electromechanical collaboration
  • Create clean creative studios for digital, graphic, fine art, and sound-proofed / green-screen recording studios 
  • Work on constructing private residences where people can have privacy for their own needs, and communal areas where people can go to socialise, play, collaborate etc.
  • Pay for a wholesale FTTP ( Fibre to the Premises ) internet connection for the property, so that we could get maximum internet bandwidth without having to go via an ISP
  • Construct a set of business premises on a road side part of the property ( away from our private and communal residences and areas ), where guests can come and stay to do workshops or whatever & thus make income to help sustain the property
  • Require that residence with dogs is ok, SO LONG AS you can show your dog is adequately trained, cared for, and never left alone, bored, neglected, and barking because it has nothing else to do … I love dogs, and there would be loads of animals on the property, but zero tolerance for people who neglect their dogs and make them everyone else’s problem
  • Cats and similar hunters would only be allowed when kept inside and within the confines of outdoor cat-runs, in order to protect wildlife … OR if someone can prove training to the level of a dog, and fulfilling other requirements to ensure the protection of local birds, amphibians etc.
  • The agreement of the community would be that our collective enterprises on that property would dedicate a regular proportion of its output to the support and care of rescued and abandoned animals

… AND THIS MAKES ME THINK … isn’t it amazing how we will do this for other species but not for humans?

SO … another few things:

  • It would also be the agreement of the community that a proportion of the outputs of our collective efforts would be put towards the creation of a new community, which would be built on a new piece of acreage, and where the residents would have the opportunity to do LOTS of natural regenerative revegetation work in order to repair natural ecosystems
  • We would then rescue people from poverty and other hardship, and provide them with all counselling and education services required to put their lives back together, and to pursue their interests, which they could then dedicate to helping others on such properties, or they could take back out into the world for whatever other purposes, owing us nothing


  • I’d use this property to bring together a creative and technical group for the production of educational and entertainment based products to sell back into the status quo of capitalism
  • These projects would help explain various concepts that help people free themselves in various ways ( economically and psychologically ), while also generating awarenesss interest and support for the greater vision 
  • The revenue generated would be put towards buying equipment we cannot yet manufacture ourselves, but which would help towards the longer term creation of the OEF vision for alternative non-species-biased & non-property/trade/currency-based economics, such that we need to go to the outside world less and less to fulfil any need, and when we do so, we are increasingly capable of fulfilling those transactions with external business entities without the use of currency
  • Eventually we would be able to assist external business entities in modifying their own internal operating systems to deal less with capitalsm, and more with this alternative economic paradigm, while simultaneously providing them with a strategic advantage or two within that status quo for whatever trading they must still do in its terms
  • The feedback from all projects would help evolve the framework, and accelerate its development roadmap and global influence … such that eventually it could offer to fans of The Venus Project ( for example ) a means to actually attempt to implement Jacque Fresco’s visionary architecture for sustainable cities, or anyone else’s ideas of that nature ( as indeed I have my own ), and provide every project ( or sub-project ) of every type, the internal operating system required to maximise their efficiency, productivity, outcomes and potential


  • Anyone whom can actually improve any part of these systems would be automatically credited with ALL of the benefits created as a result of their input, proportional to any other improvements over time by themselves or anyone else, and proportional to the continuing influence of both past momentum of the system, and those systemic elements that remain unchanged ( and thus continue to have ongoing influence )
  • All of this would occur via scientifically quantifiable algorithmic output, without any negotiation required
  • This “reward” is not directly in the form of property, but in three related forms:
    1. During transition, it can be partly converted to both money and productive output from projects where they interface to and interact with the status quo of capitalism 
    2. Both during and after transition, this quantification of your contribution ( like any other ) counts towards your statistics which is the quantification of merit for access to scarce resources, thus increasing probability of access … you do not “spend” this quantification, it is permanent and reusable … all you do is keep adding to it, such that your numbers remain proportionally high with respect to any competition for scarce resources … and as stated elsewhere in many other articles, you can always just have any abundant resources just like anyone else
    3. Both during and after transition, this quantification of your contribution ( like any other ) counts towards “reversing” ( or more accurately compensating for ) the statistics any deleterious consequences of your actions – ie: a form of built in atonement for any harm that you couldn’t find a suitable way to avoid doing at the time, or which ( for whatever other reasons ) you chose to do anyway despite the negative consequences 


So from a single point of leverage, I could change the entire world … with your help, and eventually this would become the new operating system of Earth, allowing both autonomy and sovereignty of individuals, while also dealing with the need for behavioural regulation, but doing so anarchically – as this system does not require authority over anyone, only over itself.

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