Update – July 1st 2017: Book manuscript progress

Ok, the structure of the book is now largely set. It has 3 parts ( past, present, future – for want of better titles ), although I may change this to 4 parts, because the first 2 sections of part one aren’t really about the past, they’re about developing the language and reference framework required in order to understand the rest of the book – ie they are a crash course in logic, maths, modelling, and science.

This is where I’m covering some ground that I was going to cover in 3 whole separate books, and I still may one day, but they will take longer to write, as they require more study and research on my part, and those works would be a more or less purely academic series, as an actual study course for students. Hence this being a crash course and simplification in this book.

One of the central objectives of this book is to help my audience understand what I mean by: “the quantification of Ecological & Social Justice & Sustainability”, which is a phrase I often use to describe what I’ve been doing.

Now, in science you cannot quantify something that you don’t understand, because to quantify it you have to attach meaningful numbers, and oftentimes also attach scientific units of measurement. For this reason economics is not a science ( under capitalism ), it is without question a pseudo-science, for the simple reason it uses currency as a unit of measurement of “value”, which is an absolute joke.

Units of measurement must measure some property of the natural world, and must do so in such a way that no matter whom is looking, the answer is the same – ie they must be perspective agnostic. But in economics, our currency value changes depending on both whom is looking, and depending on the variable circumstances. So on the one hand it could be said these so-called “values” of things are the expression of a variable function, that is merely a statement of the application of maths, but what you cannot say, is that the units are meaningful, as they are the very epitome of purely subjective and entirely arbitrary.

Capitalist economics is from the perspective of logic, very similar to religion – ie it uses circular logic that relies on its own unfounded and invalid ( often even unstated ) assertions and assumptions in order to justify its conclusions.

So as my book progresses, I’ll be giving you the reader – amongst many other things – the capacity to understand why this is, and to understand how an entirely different economic paradigm is possible.

So the current plan for part 1 ( which may end up being parts 1 & 2 ), has about 5 sections, and then short chapters in those sections. The current part 2 ( possibly part 3 ) – having an as yet unknown number of sections – then uses the discussion of past history and our reference framework ( logic, maths, and science ), to discuss the present circumstances of the world. Part 3 ( or 4 ) then uses all that to discuss the future, including various hypothetical scenarios to explain how your personal concerns, needs and interests can be met in the future.

Currently I am editing what has been written so far for part 1, which is a solid 30,000 words, and I would estimate by the time I’m finished writing this part, it will be in the order of about double that ( triple at most ). So the whole book completed ( based on 200 words per page ), will probably be around 900 pages, but could be as low as 700 ( if parts 2 and 3 are easier to write than I’m expecting ), but could maybe go as much as 1500-2000 pages, and in which case I may have to separate the parts of the book into separate books.

WITHHOLDING: I will be withholding many details, because to write every pertinent thing to explain every system and detail required to make this happen, would not only require about 10 such books, but it would also cost time and money I don’t have, while also releasing information that I don’t intend to release to anyone who isn’t actively working with me, until the system is built, tested, established, and sufficiently evolved and robust in order to handle interference from those whom may not have the best of intentions towards it … because let’s face it, if the leaders of the world weren’t mostly douche bags, they’d have long since funded me or done it themselves – it’s not exactly like I’ve been quiet about this.

So don’t expect to understand every system I have conceptually developed, as I may mention some and not others, and leave a lot of technical details unspoken.

I can still only say that I hope to have it completed & published by the end of the year.

PUBLISHER: if anyone knows a publisher whom they think would be willing to handle this book ( or these books ), please let me know or send them my way.

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