Thought for the Day: Capitalism’s Blame Game

If there’s one thing I’m really fed up with about society, it’s all the victim blaming that goes on:

  • the callousness & disingenuousness of the instigators
  • the callousness & gullibility of the followers and enablers
  • and the utter cruelty and pointlessness of it all

Capitalism blames the poor for being poor.

Capitalism blames refugees of wars it funded

Capitalism places people under immense economic pressure, utterly exploits them, and them labels them “criminals” for trying to escape the system of control, or solve some problem they have no other means of solving, or just because they’re fucked up by all the abuse and trauma they’ve been through.

What is really galling, is when people then turn around and say “don’t hate the player, hate the game”, when quite obviously the game wouldn’t exist if people refused to play it.

Those pointing the finger at the sometimes innocent and always vulnerable people whom are the victims of this oppression, are usually one of the following:

  • people living in comfort
  • people sucking up to those above them
  • people hopelessly brainwashed by the system

… and I can make that accusation with confidence, because there’s no other logically valid reason for supporting it.


If you want to criticise someone’s attitude … FIRST help them to solve the problems they’ve got, and if that takes real resources being pumped into that person’s life over a very long time, because they’re suffering from the consequences of intergenerational poverty, childhood trauma, or whatever … either do so, help them, or shut the fuck up about their attitude.


A choice does not exist unless you have a genuine opportunity to access that choice, and to attempt an implementation of it with at least a reasonable chance of success, and that doesn’t require you to undergo undue suffering, just for a basic human right that someone else can take for granted.

ALL events – from the atomic to the chemical and mechanical – have a minimum critical threshold of internal and external resources, that are required for even an attempt at a non-zero probability of success … so to accuse someone of making bad choices is a nonsense, you don’t know that, and as far as you know, they’ve made the only choices they possibly could.


If you think someone should show more “gratitude” in life for what they have, it is you who needs to make the case as to whom they owe such gratitude to, why they owe it, and what purpose showing such gratitude will have with respect to their needs … and if they disagree with you, then you probably need to stfu and just help them, or go away … but if you choose to go away instead of help, you’re only proving their point that they perhaps have nothing to be grateful for – because let’s face it, none of us are grateful about having smug arseholes come into our lives and tell us to be grateful when we’re feeling angry, depressed, or in some other way suffering … and if you’re that kind of person, and if you think you’re an “empath” ( as I’ve heard more than one of them say ), then you are highly delusional, because you’re completely failing to have any empathy for this person’s situation.

The reason all these things exist, is because capitalism trains us to blame its victims for their situation, because then it can absolve itself of responsibility, just as it does with the ecological consequences of its actions, by referring to them as “externalities”.

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