Meritorious Economics

The disingenuousness of capitalist economics is ubiquitous throughout the zeitgeist of the status quo, whether you look at the mission statements of companies, their environmental and community statements … it’s all too often complete bullshit, which is as transparently disingenuous as the average political broadcast.

Many years ago, probably around the years between 1999 and 2001 – though I do not recall precisely when – I was studying politics (specifically international relations) at Latrobe University, and in my research for an essay I stumbled upon the US DoD website (Department of Defence). On that website, I found a link to a non for profit organisation, the mission statement of which was something like (paraphrased):

” … to ensure the USA remains the dominant global force in biochemical, conventional, information and nuclear warfare.”

Now, the more striking thing was the list of membership to this organisation, which included 3M, Nestle, Monsanto, Lockheed Martin … and pretty much every single other big name multinational corporation you can think of … every last one of them was on that membership list.

So where is the genuineness of this economic system, when all these companies make statements about community & environmental values, but they happily engage in the most calamitous & destructive of all human endeavours, by sticking their snouts in the trough of the publicly funded death industry.

Now add to this the disingenuousness of the UN/IMF definitions of sustainability and “sustainable development”, which ask not “will this be sustainable for this other species?”, but merely “can we get away with this economically”.

This system refuses to admit that it is wholly flawed & dysfunctional.

  • There is no merit in profiting from death, exploitation & abuse;
  • There is no merit in accelerating ecological destruction, then calling it profit.

Capitalist economics wouldn’t know merit, if you figured out how to clean up all its messes for it, reversing all past damage as if it had never happened, preventing any kind of recurrence, and costing nothing. It is blind, stupid & insane.

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