A few thoughts on the coronavirus 2019/20

1 — if you believe the story that it was passed to humans via a creature being eaten, explain why it just happens to occur now when the USA has been engaged in a culture and economic war with China? Why not decades ago? The Chinese have been eating all sorts of things you might find strange for a very long time … why now?

2 — why the US patenting of coronavirus modification? This isn’t a little too suspicious and coincidental for you?

3 — why the long history of US biological warfare research in over 100 labs around the world in countries outside US jurisdiction and law?

4 — AND MOST IMPORTANTLY: why the hysteria about a disease which ( in this particular outbreak ) has only killed 1 in 2,000,000 ( total ) of the Chinese population, when the USA is losing 1 in 50,000 ( annually ) to similar viral disease, and 1 in 5,000 ( also annually ) to correctly prescribed dosage of correctly prescribed drugs, another 1 in 5,000 ( also annually ) to its opioid epidemic ..?

5 — I just checked the data for deaths by age of the coronavirus including previous strains, and as I suspected, the majority of deaths are in people over 60, with the second largest group being those over 45 … so basically it’s hitting those whose bodies are getting older and whom have lived in a very industrially polluted environment for a very long time, and even per age group taken in isolation from other age groups, this still doesn’t match the vastly higher death rates in the USA from similar disease, and it’s not even a blip compared to people dying from pharmaceuticals in the USA …

… so why the hysteria, unless it’s all just part of the trade war against China.

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