10 Billion EASY to house and feed

I’ve blogged about this before, but I thought I’d give it a quick rewrite since I think this is extremely relevant in a world where Bill Gates and other morons like him are labouring under the misapprehension that the world is overpopulated. Here’s the proof As to how and why they are wrong.

Let me first dispel the myth by way of a critique of capitalism, then I will demonstrate the primary school level arithmetic that anyone can do for themselves in under 15 minutes, with nothing more than a web-browser and search engine ( plus a piece of paper and a pencil ):

Capitalism and inefficiency / waste:

Examples of capitalist destruction, inefficiency, pollution, and waste:

  • we have shops that sell poorly made bullshit which breaks extremely quickly and easily, but it’s cheap to buy, and these shops exist in many cities, often many times per city, including competitors in the same area of selling junk, all of it entirely unnecessary, and this is repeated in countries all around the world;
  • every single one of those products in every single one of those shops must be designed, prototyped, manufactured, stored, transported, distributed, marketed. sold etc., and some must also spend additional resources to run and maintain them ( then replace when broken );
  • none of the above includes the additional resources required to design build maintain or operate any of the equipment and facilities required to mine or harvest the raw materials to make such products;
  • this also doesn’t include the similar resources required to then process those raw materials into manufacturing materials;
  • this also doesn’t include ALL OF THE SAME AGAIN for all the products that AREN’T completely useless ( ie: the ones we actually need, and those which are not designed to break or become quickly redundant for no good reason );
  • ADDITIONALLY — to use the internal combustion engine motor vehicle as an example — we have extreme inefficiency in the design and operation of many things that we make … so the average production motor vehicle uses only 0.2% of the available energy in the fuel to move the mass of the driver, the other 99.8% being used to move the vehicle itself, or being wasted in losses from heat, vibration, noise, and electrical systems like heating and cooling;
  • the above figure of 0.2% might have improved since that research was done, but even if it is now DOUBLE the efficiency, that’s still only 0.4% moving the mass of the driver;
  • NONE OF THE ABOVE includes the additional inefficiency of the aforementioned mining and processing of raw materials and manufacturing materials for other products ( which of course also applies to cars ), nor does it include anything do do with any of the above applied to roads infrastructure or traffic management systems … NOR INDEED does it include any of the inefficiency and waste involved in the reasons why we drive, when we drive, where we drive, nor HOW we drive;
  • AND IF THAT WASN’T ENOUGH … we still haven’t applied ANYTHING of the above to the ecological losses caused by all the mining logging and deforestation for roads, nor the pollution caused, and specifically the lost ecological services which would normally process all the pollution we are creating … so we are destroying wasting and polluting at a phenomenal rate, while also utterly debilitating the planet’s ability to cope and restore things.

Now … none of the above is because there isn’t a better way, and designing better systems is actually piss easy — I know because I have done it for many such cases. What is difficult is not the redesign, what is difficult is getting the money to do it ( on reasonable terms, or do it at all ) under the boot of capitalism … and what is also hard is getting it to be “profitable” under capitalism, which is definitely going to attack you and undermine you for even trying ( particularly — though not exclusively — the fossil fuel industry ).

Quick point on the military:

The US military machine alone uses consumes destroys wastes and pollutes more than the bottom 25% of the entire global economy, over every single sector of that economy — AND THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE the lost opportunity resulting from all the destruction, nor the ecological losses ( similar as mentioned previously in this article ).

Since the US military doesn’t quite spend as much as the entire rest of the world’s military combined ( though very close to it ), we can approximate that the global military is responsible for somewhere above a third and up to nearly half of all the wasted destroyed and polluted resources and lost ecological potential.

Also — given our capacity to adequately house and feed everyone quite easily and comfortably OUTSIDE of a capitalist paradigm ( as I will demonstrate in the next part of this article ) — there is absolutely no need whatsoever for any of this warfare, outside the sick and insane desire of sociopaths to profit via death and destruction, and their desire to dominate the entire world as per the Pentagon’s openly stated objective for “full spectrum global dominance”, which is itself largely a consequence o the flaws in capitalism defining all of this insanity and waste as “profitable” ( despite the fact that would make ‘profit’ — which is supposed to mean ‘nett gain’ — an oxymoron ).

Scientific fraud and misunderstanding:

So the other reason for all this is because of people’s misinterpretation of the sciences of biology evolution and genetics, plus the fraud and corruption of academic sciences.

I won’t go into great detail here — as others have already covered it — so I just suggest that you watch the following 4 videos:

So the real reason they want depopulation is because they refuse to give up their insane agenda, and if you think the world is just overpopulated, then you don’t understand how inefficient wasteful destructive polluting and self-sabotaging capitalism is, nor do you understand the lengths they will go to in order to corrupt science and brainwash you into accepting slavery or death.

The proof is simple:

We can conclusively and irrefutably disprove the statement — that the world is ‘over populated’ — with nothing more than primary school level arithmetic, a pencil, paper ( and calculator if you struggle with even basic maths ), plus a web-browser and search engine, in under 15 minutes — as follows:

The Earth has approximately 150M sq.kms of exposed land surface area:

  • approximately 10% is considered currently arable for growing food ( though a total of 40% is used for agriculture ), BUT this figure ignores the fact that humans, other animals, and plants, working with fungi and bacterium, can turn ANY LAND into arable land ( no exceptions ) … ok it’s harder for some than others, but our technology can easily make up the difference in all cases, and some of it is very easy to do indeed, and actually quite low tech, you only have to bring water in some cases and watch it develop.
  • 3/4 of our farmland is wasted on pastures for animal agriculture … so you can dispel the myth right there that we cant feed everyone … fact is that meat is an extremely inefficient and not terribly healthy food source, because heavy metals, carcinogenic chemicals, and other things concentrate as you go up the food chain, and the cooking process also kills a lot of nutrients and turns some of them into carcinogens ( eg: trans-fats created by heating fats & oils )
  • so of that 150M sq.kms., let’s remove the 10% as being untouchable in the short to medium term while we are looking at creating and improving soils and conditions elsewhere … this leaves approx 135M sq.kms.
  • by an average definition of ‘mountains’, approximately 1/4 of the land surface area is mountainous ( though it varies from region to region ) … and this terrain is extremely useful as it gives us prebuilt structure to take advantage of, which helps harvest rainfall and achieve all sorts of other great benefits
  • but before we deal with mountains, let’s remove from our remaining 135M sq.kms. the entirety of Alaska ( 1.7M sq.kms ), Antarctica ( 14.2M ), Iceland ( 0.1M ), Greenland ( 2.2M ), and Siberia ( 13.1M ) … basically all the tundric and frozen areas … removing 31.3M and leaving approximately 104M sq.kms of land above sea level.
  • lets now remove all remaining mountainous areas at approximately 24% ( 24.96M sq.kms ), leaving around 79M sq.kms of land above sea level that is not mountainous
  • now lets take all of that land we removed, and declare every last bit of it untouched wilderness or existing food crops ( on that 10% of arable land, which doesn’t include any animal agriculture )
  • of all the remaining land, let’s take half and declare that to be additional untouched wilderness, leaving approximately 40M sq.kms
  • let us now take half of that and call it parks gardens and other communal spaces and related infrastructure
  • of the 20M remaining, let’s consider half of it to be other infrastructure, and the final 10M to be for private residences

That 10 million square kilometres ( 1 billion hectares ) is enough land for every man woman child and baby of a 10 billion population, all treated as fully grown adults in the prime of their consumption, to have 1/10th of a hectare each ( 1000 sq. metres ) — ie: enough land to both house and feed themselves extremely adequately, without even needing to get any food from that 10% we put aside for farmland, nor foraging in any of the vast wilderness areas we set aside, nor touching the oceans at all, nor touching the rivers and lakes, nor needing to build tree houses, nor even needing to go underground.

THINK ABOUT THAT … that’s how wasteful our existing system is.

  • imagine if we also DID build our houses underground
  • imagine if we connected them to above ground tree-houses
  • imagine if we also foraged for extra stuff in the forests, but did so sensitively sensibly and sustainably instead of industrially ripping it to shreds and wiping it out
  • imagine if our homes bought water gardens and compost to otherwise un-arable land, and thus created vast new areas of healthy soils
  • imagine if we only took fish or shellfish from oceans rivers and lakes by hunting instead of by large scale industrialised environmental rape, and there were strictly enforced limits as to what individuals could take from any area, and limits on the total take per unit of time
  • imagine if we all specialised in growing certain things in our homes, and traded that with each other in order to get variety
  • imagine if some people specialised in collection and distribution of that variety, without any cost other than the specialist are supported for anything they don’t have the time to grow because they’re busy with pickup and delivery

… and I could go on like this all night.

Solution and Conclusion:

So the solution as I keep telling people is from the quantification of ecological & social justice & sustainability via the principles of ecological systems modelling & thermodynamics, as a basis for non-species-biased, non-property/trade/currency-based, and non-hierarchical (aka anarchic) justice economics & politics … BUT … if you think you can just take my work, redesign it to put yourself in control, or use it to save capitalism, you couldn’t be more wrong, and you clearly haven’t understood it.

Nobody gets to control the solution, not even myself as it’s creator ( nor would I want to ), in the short term it is governed by its own principles — applied only by myself and those I trust to put the principles in front of ourselves, our families, our other loved ones, and over every single other thing that could possibly interfere — and in the long term, we will be replaced by an AI that I’m also designing from scratch, such that it will BE the system AND the system’s capacity for evolution and self correction.

We don’t need to depopulate if we just dismantle capitalism and replace it with far more intelligent and sane governing principles, and in doing so we gain a world with far greater freedom and comfort for all, without the destruction, without the senseless killing, and where the world gets better every day, instead of worse.

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