Anarchy: principled living without rules or rulers

Anarchy: better to die on your feet than live on your knees
[Republished – 2nd edit: March 16, 2017 – from original article April 2015]

author’s note

I suspect this is one of the biggest questions in people’s minds ( skeptics ), about how we can live in a non-hierarchical, non-authoritarian, completely anarchic world … the mainstream narrative tells us such a thing is impossible, and that anarchy is synonymous with chaos – but nothing could be further from the truth. Continue reading “Anarchy: principled living without rules or rulers”

The Thermodynamic Value of Art

doggy-art ( muddy paw prints ) on my t-shirt
[ Republished: 3rd edit – 14th March, 2017 – from original article April 2015 ]

author’s note:

This is one of my favourite articles in terms of the topic, so in this rewrite I’ll do my best to do justice to the creative needs of people, and the value to society of properly serving those needs.

The image above the article is doggy-art … a muddy paw print from a very happy and playful puppy ( on my shirt ).

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